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written by Crixus    
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, this is about as good as hip-hop gets. With their third release, Adelaide's Hilltop Hoods have pushed themselves and their music to a higher level, raising the bar once again. A Matter of Time oozes passion. You can almost literally hear the passion that MCs Suffer & Pressure & DJs Next & Debris have for this culture as it pours through your speakers. From the start, 'A Matter of Time' grabs hold of you, involves you, envelops you, swallows you whole and refuses to spit you out until well after the last track is over and you are left praying for more.

The only real negative about this album is that it ends way too early. It does however, leave you strongly anticipating their next release.

From the first title track A Matter of Time to the final track Whatcha Got (RMX/Instrumental) there are really no lacking tracks, no fillers. Each track is incredibly dope on its own, but its really when you listen to the album from start to finish that you realize how each track interconnects with the next & previous tracks to take you on a journey (its just a pity you arrive at the destination so soon).

This album is nicely rounded, containing a little bit of everything including beat boxing on 'Clap Your Hands to the...,' dope turntablism on almost every track, especially 'Let Me Show You,' and some of the best production your ears will hear, many props to DJ Debris who produced the majority of the album.

The Last Starfighter Bukue One, makes a guest appearance on 'Deaf Can Hear.' Bukue manages to hold his own with Suffer & Pressure, but only just. Its not enough to hold the track, or indeed the album, back in any noticeable way, but you can't help but wonder what the track would sound like if Bukue was only on the hook and his verse was replaced. '1979' is a track everyone should hear. Listening to it should be a religious experience everyone should have to do it at least 3 times a day. Hip hop is what its all about.

Before this starts sounding more like an endorsement than a review, let me tell you that I do actually have a problem with this album, it only came out on CD. There is nothing wrong with CD, but Id love to have a copy of this album glued to my turntables.

Overall the smooth production, great DJing and strong MCs come together to make a damn fine product. This one will be in your stereo until your stereo gets worn out and your neighbours know every word of every track. It wont be getting old any time soon.

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