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written by Philip Oliver    
Think ‘We are the world’, think hip hop and you have an idea of what the ‘Hip Hop for respect’ EP is all about, a slew of emcees uniting for one common cause...Rawkus Style. I’ll tell you from the beginning that you may be disappointed that its only 8 tracks deep, what's the matter with that? Well one intro, 3 instrumentals, leaves 4 tracks left and 2 of those are the same track but with different emcees.

I’m talking about ‘One four love’ Parts 1 & 2, the main anthem leading this EP. Think of the biggest Cypha and who would be in it, well they are all here. Rawkus’s new signing G rap leads proceedings and is followed by many familiar voices, however the Sporty Thievez, somehow just don’t fit with all these ‘Serious’ emcees. The beat has to carry over 7 minutes worth of emcees and it manages this well, and each emcee adapts their style to it

‘Protective custody’ is probably the rawest track here and sees the return of Nine to the mic, where the hell has he been? Favorite track on this EP is undoubtedly ‘A tree never grown’ maybe its because of the emcees who appear here or maybe the beat is one of the most addictive pieces of hip hop I’ve heard in the last few months. My favorite verses here comes from none other than J-Live but its Mos Def’s soulful singing on the hook that makes this track a winner.

Even though it's filled up with instrumentals consider these bonuses, as they are beautifully constructed tracks. In terms of quantity you’d probably get more on the average 12" these days but it’s the quality that wins over here, I cannot stress the greatness of all these excellent emcees coming together and producing an EP that should have been made a long time ago.

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