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written by Hugo Lunny    
I've found myself defending Cube a lot over the past year. I am the only person I know who thought that the 'War Disc' was actually a pretty good LP. Many people tend to believe that Ice Cube fell off very soon after 'Amerikkkas Most Wanted,' I disagree. Although, I was disappointed with 'The Peace Disc.'

A few months ago I started hearing joints from this LP; 'You Can Do It' which is also featured on the 'Next Friday' soundtrack, blew up. It's a track which is very similar to 'Pushin' Weight,' it features a dope beat and lyrics which tend to grow on you. Also, 'Until We Rich,' which was premiered online by this site, got a lot of radio airplay, but was greeted with very mixed reactions. In my opinion, it's a track which seems to have good intentions, but just doesn't turn out the way it should have.

Now, since Eazy-E passed away, people have been fiending for an NWA Re-union, 'Chin Check' on the 'Next Friday' OST saw this occur for the first time (minus Yella) and was felt by pretty much everyone. 'The Peace Disc' features another sort of NWA Re-union (minus Yella, and Eazy unfortunately) called 'Hell Low.' And in short, it's dope. Cube, Ren and Dre come off angrily over a dope beat, with Dre rhyming once again with lyrics which don't seem to belong to him, though they're well performed. This track, which will definitely be used to market the LP, is without a doubt one of my favourites here.

It seems that the best tracks are all clumped together at the beginning of the LP. 'You Aint Gotta Lie (Ta Kick It)' featuring Chris Rock, 'The Gutter Shit' featuring Jayo Felony and 'Supreme Hustle' along with 'Hell Low,' are all confined to the first few track spots on the LP, making the LP feel as if it goes from great, to average.

'The Peace Disc' features a variety of decent beats, not excellent ones, but not too bad background instrumentals. There are some re-used ones from old EPMD tracks, they work fairly well, notice the word fairly is in italics.

The main problem with the LP, in my opinion, is that it's aimed too much at a mainstream audience, which could give Cube large sales amounts, but wouldn't appeal to as many strictly hip hop fans, as it would Puff Daddy fans. Tracks like 'You Can Do It' and 'Until We Rich' may appeal to some non-jiggy sort of fans, but I know they haven't appealed to a lot of people.

'Can You Bounce' and 'The Nigga Of The Century' are both good examples of how Ice Cube isn't at his best currently. I don't see why Cube needs to try his best to appeal to a larger crowd, the man's rich beyond belief, but he obviously doesn't share my views. Basically, Cube has come with a less than appealing sequel to the 'War Disc,' if you are made to choose 'War & Peace' the 'War Disc' or this one; 'The Peace Disc.' Don't choose 'The Peace Disc,' and remember this review is by an Ice Cube fan.

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