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written by Philip Oliver    
Freddie Foxxx has been around for years so why is it only now he's causing a buzz? Because he took it back to the underground that's why. I first caught Freddie The Foxxx on the Human Education Against Lies project with BDP then just as he was Rolling with the Flava Unit. He was due to drop 'Crazy Like a Foxx' back in 1993, it even had a lead single with Latifah released but sadly the LP never saw the light of day. He went on a Hiatus to concentrate on his Boxing, which has given him his new alias. Then about 3 years ago he began his onslaught by returning with a new moniker Bumpy Knuckles on OC's 'Jewelz' ('Win the G' and 'M.U.G.') and really started shit with Guru and Big Shug on 'The Militia'. For the last 2 years Bumpy Knuckles has been honing his skills and building an underground rep like no other so he's here to shake the foundations of the Industry.

The Title track does exactly what it says, it calls out all the CEO's and Record Exec's in the industry, lets put it one way this track is not gonna make him friends in high places but when your this good you don't need them. The production by Pete Rock rumbles the bass in your speakers, you'd think he'd be coming out with fire for a track like this but it's a calm and confident attack. 'Tell em I'm here' should have been the albums opener but you have to get past the unexciting (In comparison) '24 hours' which still pretty much tears shit up.

MOP come through twice on the album adding the hook to 'Bumpy Bring it home' a cool track produced by Diamond D that uses the same loop as Naughty By Natures 'Dirt all by my lonely' but in a more rugged way. Billy and Fame also raise their voices for 'The Masters' again one of the many highlights on this album. 'Bumpy Knuckles baby' and 'Stock in the game' both display Bumpy at his best over 2 completely different types of tracks. The old sound of the latter makes a laid back change with its Alchemist backdrop compared to the up tempo Pete Rock driven 'Bumpy Knuckles baby' but both bring over Bumpy in aggressive mode. Pete Rock comes through with his 3 contribution for 'Who knows why' but judging by this track the level of enthusiasm was slowly dropping, lets hope it raises again when they work on an album together.

Apart from himself doing the production, Freddie Foxxx chose his producers wisely, ranging from Pete Rock to Premier to the Alchemist and they don't falter one bit. I doubt that it would have made a difference who had produced this album as his message is clear - the industry is shitting on emcees (But he ain't moaning and doing nothing, he's speaking truths). On the subject of his lyrics it can be said he has a passion for the mic but here and there his lines can make me cringe with how basic they can get. For example on the excellent 'A part of my life' he blazes 2 great verses but for the final one most of his words are like those of an amateur with lines like 'I'm the source like magazine' or 'I bet he won't disagree / he'll probably start saying his throat hurts / his moms is sick with a bad knee'. But hey he more than makes up for it on another DJ Premier concoction known as 'Real Nigga Shit' peep and be impressed.

After all the Bullshit Bumpy Knuckles has been through he comes out triumphantly with his millennium release. Although its not the perfect product we all wanted it just goes to show that the Industry knows nothing, real talent gets pushed aside while the latest gimmick is exploited to make money, the bets are on who will be here doing their thing in 5 years time, them or Bumpy Knucks, I'm going with the latter.

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