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The LOX are officially off of Bad Boy, and with that we're told comes a whole new realm of originality and creativity (supposedly Puffy forced them to do things differently on their first LP). We've heard some dope shit from the members of the LOX, guesting on other emcees tracks, and making tracks for compilations, so, obviously there was a lot of hype created by fans, not the media as much (this is unusual).

Around mid-November I think it was, was the first to bring you the white label 'Fuck You,' the first release from the LP (it also got a limited official pressing) soon after 'Breathe Easy' and 'Wildout' both dropped on vinyl. 'Fuck You' got very mixed reactions, initially I hated it a lot, I mean a track containing lyrics like "Whoever feel sad at a funeral, fuck them too" is, to me, slightly dumb, but with most things, after experiencing a lot, I enjoyed it more. 'Breathe Easy' was a more impressive track, and the track which they released looking for radio airplay, 'Wildout' wasn't too bad either. However, none of these tracks actually matched up to what I'd been expecting.

'We Are The Streets' features a handful of skits, ranging from the mildly amusing intro, to the very amusing 'Rape'N U Records,' which I'm presuming was a Puffy/Bad Boy diss.

The album features the likes of DJ Premier and Timbaland producing tracks, there's a load of Swizz beats, but the most noticeable production credits go to those two. Primo laced the beat for 'Recognize,' which features some trademark Primo production (the Eve sample for the hook will give it away). The rhymes are quite good, surprisingly, I was most impressed with Sheik's verse on this cut, talking about not going to high school, but going to school high, haha. Timbaland is the man who set up 'Ride Or Die, Bitch.' It's rather like 'What These Bitches Want' on DMX's LP, both are tracks which imply very vulgar content, and with that are presumed to be fairly annoying, however, they're actually pretty enjoyable.

What I really didn't like about the LP was the amount of average / mediocre joints. 'Scream L.O.X.' is a good example, they speak about being "real" and not being commercial throughout the LP and then they come up with a track like that, with a feeble chanted hook. Not very impressive at all. Then there's 'If You Know' which has The LOX intelligently adding Drag-On to the track, and rhyming over Swizz Beats, they also add Eve, but she really doesn't do too bad a job on here. Needless to say, other than Eve's bare able verse (not the beats behind her) the track is pretty shitty.

The LOX have come with a good LP, but nothing comparing to expectations. Check the joints we have up as a preview, if you enjoy it, I'd advise you check the LP for yourself.

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