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written by Andrew Lunny    
To be perfectly honest with you: I'd have picked up this joint if Paul Barman was Hurricane G's brother, referred to by the family as "the stupid one." Even if it is just 20 minutes, it's hard for me to avoid Prince Paul's beat making superiority. The first joint I heard from this, 'Joy of your World,' gave me a very strange idea of what to expect from this EP. Crazy sex rhymes and a typical dope instrumental made this one I definitely wanted to check out though.

Now, with 'Its Very Stimulating,' Paul Barman takes advantage of the underground limelight with a smashing 20 minutes of hip-hop that you probably won't find being bitten in the near future. Only talking about, as Prince Paul put it, "sex and school," Barman is a breath of fresh air. After the incredibly dope intro, originally titled 'An Introduction,' comes the aforementioned 'Joy of Your World.' Following these sex rhymes comes the promised school ones, on the joyous 'School Anthem.' Barman, dropping a line most of us can relate to in "homework is tell major lies or plagiarize encyclopedias," does this with a great sense of humor and an, uhh, unique rapping style.

The typical Prince Paul style sample which kicks off 'Salvation Barmy,' a favourite of mine, leads to another incredible beat, and more crazy rhymes from has to "wear condoms because they feel like snow pants." 'Im Fricking Awesome' sums MCPB up in one line "I think LL Cool J and Canibus are both fantastic,' before leading into the inappropriately titled (yet still infallible) battle-of-the-sexes track, 'MTV Get Off The Air Part 2.'

And then, it's over. Not even 20 minutes of music, and we're left with one Prince Paul-ish telephone convo:
"MC Paul Barman."
"So whatcha came to do?"
"Came here to make the coolest, funniest, smartest songs with Prince Paul."
"Having fun?"
"No, cuz its over.
And with that it was over. 'Its Very Stimulating' is a fine buy for fans of Prince Paul and cool, funny, smart songs. And most of you will probably miss the point, so step with caution before you pick this up.

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