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written by Hugo Lunny    
Melodramatic are a duo consisting of emcees/producers Rosko and Los. Odds are you haven't heard of them, well, with this review, that fact will be altered. Melodramatic's members are unbelievably talented with their production. Both members know how to use a host of instruments and utilize this knowledge to create brilliant beats. From the get go, you realize exactly how complicated the beats are and how well the final outcome of them inputting each instrument to one track, then combining them and organizing it has been managed.

'Eclipse' is the track, which sets the tone for the majority of the album as it kicks it off. This is the track which most people will hear and will determine whether to listen on, or to go check one of the other millions of releases out there. I listened, and continued on. The beat is very well done. Violins, drums, chimes, and more combine to form the background music to the rhymes, which Melodramatic pasted above them. The rhymes are well spit and fairly well written, I was hopeful that the quality of the album would be consistent with the standard of quality heard on 'Eclipse.'

This both was and was not the case.

Lyrically, Melodramatic sway between quality rhymes and fitting rhymes. They don't ever come off badly, but their lyrical content is sometimes very simplistic and just assembled due to the words being able to rhyme with one another.

The best tracks on 'Melodramatic' are 'Eclipse' and 'Red Sun,' both have brilliant beats and lyrics. However, there are other real nice joints. 'Yes I'm Crazy' features a brilliant sample on the hook of the line "Yes I'm crazy, people say I'm crazy." It fits in perfectly on the track and is arguably the best aspect of it. 'Abstract Reflections,' is basically what the title implies. And, is very well done.

I'm not really feeling 'Wind It Up.' The beat isn't bad, but the rhymes, chanting sample and hook really don't work well. 'Hectic Daze In A Beautiful World' would have been a brilliant track, the beat begins on a very laid back note, but enters a rock vibe which confuses and spoils the vibe it had created. There's also 'Love To A Star,' who's worst aspect is it's non-hook beat. The rhymes aren't bad, and the hook is plain and simply dope. The beat is altered for the hook and the placed sample works wonders, but the non-hook beat spoils an otherwise pretty good track.

Examining the beats here, you find a variety of excellently created gems spanning various vibes. From the aforementioned beat on 'Eclipse,' to the mellow vibe on 'Melo Deez' to 'Steel Drums'' upbeat vibe containing a fairly ol' school feel, to the cinematic space beat on 'Abstract Reflections,' you find yourself experiencing various feelings and vibes. However, there is an exception that lies with 'Mighty MCs' beat, I feel doesn't do the human mic presence justice.

Melodramatic's 'Melodramatic' album is a good exhibition of their skills, it has room for improvement, but it's a very nice debut. Plus, its even got an enhanced CD section which few non-major label releases have. If you're interested in picking up the album, head over to

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