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written by Philip Oliver    
I won’t lie, I've been waiting on this EP for a while, ever since I heard that ‘MIA’ about 2 years ago. You should all be familiar with the 3 man make up that is Missin’ Linx, Beatnuts fans will know Al Tariq, Black Attack AKA Sean Boston has dropped some nice 12"s over the last 18 months, and well you should know Problemz from his appearances on Lyricist Lounge & DJ Honda albums. In fact, they first came together for the very dope ‘On the mic’ from Hondas ‘HII’ and then dropped ‘MIA,’ with ‘Lock’d’ on the flip (Which unfortunately doesn’t appear here). Further lyricism on ‘Who U B’ from DJ Spinna’s album should have you salivating for what the Linx got to offer on the 6 track EP ‘Exhibit A’ because its definitely got my ears open.

Most groups make the mistake of releasing a full length and you know what that means, that’s right ‘filler’ material. Missin Linx have made the wise decision of releasing only the best material. It's quality that will always win over quantity and my first exhibit comes in the form of the track ‘Family Ties.’ Now I’ve been open to this track for a few months now and it still holds well. Alchemist laced a real nice beat yet again, can he ever falter? The only thing that maybe loses this points is that Freddy Foxxx only does the hook, a verse would have appreciated as he seems to be vibing to that thumping beat with such anger. ‘What It Is’ is my next piece of evidence to convince you of the trio’s involvement in murdering the wack emcee. Its infectious escalating bass line is provided by Necro and basically each emcee comes with fire for this EP’s opener. Probably the greatest piece of evidence on this EP is ‘Ain’t Nothin’ with its very original manic production from newcomer Adam 12. Along with the classic that is ‘MIA’ to close the EP proves what talent these 3 individuals have on their own or as a team, just remember these kids had this loop way before Dre or Tash even considered using it. Case Closed.

The choice of producers is what keeps this EP fresh, each track is handled by a different studio wizard (With the exception of VIC who does 2 cuts here). What also makes this a very good piece of hip hop is the personalities of the 3 emcees, too often these days in a group you can’t distinguish each emcee from one another because they sound so similar. Problemz lethargic approach to the mic is counterbalanced with the vicious verbalizing of Black Attack, add to the ingredients a cool Al Tariq and you have a winning formula.

This is nothing groundbreaking just good hip hop setting the standard, this is what hip hop is about and if it continues like this I will be a happy for the rest of 2000.

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