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written by Hugo Lunny    
When I first started checking out this LP, nothing really stood out, so, I've had to pay close attention to it, and listen to it very many times to determine what I feel is an accurate view of the material here.

Mykill Miers is one of the very many emcees who's releasing an LP filled to the brim with battle rhymes/egotistical rhymes. Three, possibly four out of the sixteen tracks on the LP don't feature battle-orientated lyrics. Which to me is kind of shocking. Those tracks are the only ones with any perceivable, real depth. And, are all at the end of the LP. The tracks I'm referring to are 'Bigga Brother,' 'It's Been A Long Time Coming' and 'Best Friends Become Strangers.' 'Who Am I' could possibly be regarded as being deep, although Miers sways from battle lyrics to non-battle lyrics within the track.

'Bigga Brother' has Miers rhyming in a track dedicated to his deceased brother. I think it's pretty dope, although the rn'b sung hook could have been left out. 'It's Been A Long Time Coming' has Miers talking about the journey he's gone through to reach the status, which he holds now. It also could've done without the singing (singing on rap songs can work, but here it doesn't) but is otherwise a pretty good track. 'Best Friends Become Strangers' and 'Who Am I' are pretty self explanatory in terms of subject matter.

One of the main problems which I've found with the LP, is that Mykill Miers seems to believe that a repeated spoken hook (sometimes mixed in with a sample or two) needs to be compulsorily added to every track which he creates. It works on occasion, but usually it affects the last ability factor of the tracks. The hook gets annoying, and you just skip rather than pay much attention to them.

The production on the LP remains pretty consistent; M-Boogie does a good job here. And, there are a variety of talented guests including Freddie Foxxx, Iriscience, Planet Asia and AG (who guests upon 'Straight Dirt' with the Ghetto Dwellas and makes the track seem like it features Miers rather than the guest featuring upon it.

Basically, Mykill Miers has come up with a fairly good LP, but to improve it, he needs to diversify his lyrical content and hook choices.

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