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written by Hugo Lunny    
Nature first popped onto the scene a few years ago with The Firm. Due to the fact that not many people were feeling The Firm album (a lot of hype and not much quality to back it up) he didn't have too much success at that point in time. But, some people developed a liking for his shit on that release. Over the next few years, mixtapes, white labels and the odd 12" were scattered around supposedly all from Nature's forthcoming LP. Well, as I look at this album, I notice a lot of tracks which I was told would be here, aren't. The sad thing is that the ones which were left off (like the Kool G Rap collabo) were some of Nature's best work.

After a healthy wait, Nature drops his solo debut. With only twelve actual cuts, this release feels fairly short, and I'm sorry to say, that it fell way short of my expectations.

The album kicks off after a short intro with 'Man's World,' one of the best tracks on this album. The Tone & Poke produced beat works excellently with Nature's flow and lyrics, plus the sample of "This is a mans world," littered throughout the track works wonders. Another example of a track which works well is 'Young Love.' The beat presents a cool vibe plus Nature's rhymes and sung hook combine with one another to form a cool joint.

Very little of the LP will be new to Nature fans. The tracks here, for the most part (as previously mentioned), have been released in some shape or form. 'The Ultimate High' - featuring Nas was the only real lead single from this album. But there were 12" releases and mixtape exposures for 'Shit Like This,' 'Smoke,' 'Remember,' 'Talkin' That Shit' and 'Nature Shines.' I believe even more of the LP's contents had also been already leaked to the public. Unfortunately, most of this material which was added is fairly average. Either the beats shine, or Nature does, they don't tend to shine together.

Nature is lyrically skilled. And, he's has a smooth, confident flow, but sometimes the tracks he allows himself to create don't do him justice. 'I Don't Give A Fuck' is proof of this. It's without a doubt my least favourite track on 'For All Seasons.' The hook has been done so many times before, never coming out well. And basically, the track isn't in any way enjoyable.

'For All Seasons,' is a disappointment to me. I'd been waiting for a dope Nature LP for too long, and I was met with one, which fell short of those expectations. I'm hoping if he drops a second album, it'll be more impressive.

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