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written by Hugo Lunny    
I jumped on the Necro/Horrorcore bandwagon about a year or so after he dropped the 'Underground'/'Get On Your Knees' 12" and, well, I found it interesting and amusing. Necro isn't your typical emcee, his music isn't the type of thing you'll find yourself listening to in public really as his lyrical content is explicit to say the least.

However, most hip-hop heads aren't too shocked by his content, more so entertained. He describes various methods of killing, torture and sexual experiences in great detail, which can either be found to be interesting and entertaining or disgusting. Personally, I find it interesting and entertaining.

The CD contains his two 12"s, the old 'Underground'/'Get On Your Knees' 12" is here, and so is the recently released 'The Most Sadistic'/'You're Dead'/'Your Fucking' Head Split' 12". All these tracks are great in my opinion, arguably some of the CD's (if not the) best. 'Underground' features one of the illest singing samples I've heard along with a dope beat and some nice Necro lyrics. 'Get On Your Knees' features another well-chosen, excellently fitting sample for its hook. The beat and Necro's ramblings about Porn stars are on point. 'The Most Sadistic' is ill, Necro goes mad over a dope beat. 'You're Dead' starts off with some nice thoughts about Cindy Crawfords baby, and, over a much more sinister beat, Necro comes up with some more sick rhymes (with two meanings being applied to sick). The hook is the worst part of the track though, the track also features Ill Bill who adds some more dopeness to the cut. Lastly, 'Your Fucking Head Split' features amazing lyrics over a beat giving the sense of motion, plain and simply dope.

The CD/LP's title track is probably the most interesting track in terms of ideas. 'I Need Drugs' is an alternate remake of LL Cool J's 'I Need Love.' Necro rhymes from a different perspective than LL did, he needs drugs, not love, and tells us about it. It's very well done.

The 'freestyles' (the last 3 tracks) are brilliant, extremely entertaining, creative lines. However, calling it a freestyle (by my definition of the word) wasn't too pointful, but oh well.

What I wasn't really feeling on the CD were the tracks 'Fuck You To The Track' and 'Burn The Groove To Death.' The beats didn't really do much for me, and although the lyrics weren't bad, I preferred those on other tracks.

Basically, this CD is dope. It's definitely not for everyone, however, I'm loving it. Check the sample tracks and see if you enjoy them, if you do, pick this up. Necro's style is one which suits a lot of people but also may offend a lot. I'd recommend purchasing it though.

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