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I've heard various Punchline and Wordsworth related material over the last few years, a lot of it I've enjoyed. Wordsworth particularly impressed me on many a track. But, I've never seen a sort of full length from them, until now.

I am disappointed. The 6 track deep EP (which to have a clear enough opinion of I've heard nearly 40 times now) doesn't feature material comparing to any decent extent, to their previously released material. Their self-titled track, which is also the first track doesn't come with much attention grabbing material. The lyrics aren't particularly gripping or impressive, and the hook didn't appeal to me much at all.

There's 'Mistress,' an alright track with some quite nice rhymes from Wordsworth over a fairly simplistic beat. The hook could've been left off though. Then, there's 'I-95,' which has a very r n'b feel to it, due to the beat and the hook. The rhymes are okay and the joint grows on you, but I never found myself opting to play this.

The worst tracks on the EP are 'Watching Me' and 'War.' They both have okay beats, but the rhymes and hooks aren't particularly unique, nor well-done, making their appeal pretty small.

The only track which I was really feeling to a reasonably high extent was 'Last Days (So What)' which was released prior to the EP as a 12". The track's worst aspect is the hook, but that's a feature, which grows on you with subsequent listens.

My advice would be for you to pick up the 12" rather than the EP, because if you're a fan, it'll disappoint and if you're new to Punch & Words, it's unlikely it will encourage you to check out future material. I'm hoping if the duo release an LP, they scrap this EP and come up with quality material that a lot of people are aware they can.

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