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written by Hugo Lunny    
Anytime you hear Jurassic 5, you hear a group. Rarely do you hear any track with just one of the group on it. They're all well formed posse cuts with the group participating enthusiastically, and with hooks, which actually sound good. In unison Jurassic 5 chant/sing their hooks, and unlike most rappers/groups, they don't just throw out shitty hooks to fill up some time. 'Quality Control,' 'Great Expectations,' 'Jurass Finish First' and 'Improvise' all have great examples of this.

Another attribute that J5 possess is artists with dope voices and subsequently great delivery. Chali 2NA especially, this man has one of the dopest deliveries I've heard, and because of this, every time he drops a verse on the LP, you're fixated upon it.

There are twelve full tracks and three skits scattered amongst those. The production here is simply on point, it has a very cool feel throughout it. The beats mainly are involving and easy to get into; there isn't one beat here that I dislike. Some exceptionally brilliant examples are the one resting behind 'Quality Control,' 'Monkey Bars' and 'Swing Set.' There aren't faults within the production on this album.

What I love about the J5 sound is definitely the connection which you feel the group have with one another. Whether they're reciting their lines in unison, or going back and forth with them, you can be assured to feel involved and notice a smile emerge on your face.

The majority of the tracks seem to not have too precise a subject. 'Contribution,' however, steers away from this and talks about "Your contribution to life," although it's well done, it's far from my favourite track here. That would probably have to go with 'Quality Control,' the title track. The rhymes are cool, the beat is simply spectacular and the hook just feels great to hear.

Basically, Jurassic 5's first North American LP is dope. I would have given it a higher score had it contained more original concepts etc. But as it stands, this LP is dope. And bare in mind, I've heard it more than once or twice, like many releases, the more you hear it, the more you enjoy it, pick this up.

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