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written by Hugo Lunny    
The first time I heard Rah Digga was on the 'Lyricist Lounge' LP. After that, I continued to check for her, peeping the Flipmode LP and the various guest appearances she appeared upon. She is, and was, a part of the infamous group, the Outsidaz that has the likes of Eminem, Young Zee, Pacewon, Bizarre and others as members, so she ran with a talented group.

The first time I heard material from this LP I believe was September, when the single for 'Tight' dropped. Almost everyone I know that heard it was feeling it. And of course, if they weren't feeling her musically they definitely were attracted to her in another way. Since September, the track 'Imperial' and its remix circulated. So did 'Do The Ladies Run This' on various mixtapes and, finally, the 'Tight (Remix)' recently emerged.

Most people have been anticipating this LP for a long time. It has been delayed a lot, creating more hype for it. Finally, on April 4th, it will be officially released worldwide to many peoples joy.

After going through 'Dirty Harriet' once, I was impressed. I was disappointed with some hooks and beats, but that ended after subsequent listens and the material had grown on me. 'Dirty Harriet' kicks off with an introduction by Rampage and Spliff Star. Rampage hypes her up, whereas Spliff just drops a little rhyme. This opens up the LP quite well and is followed by the short cut 'Harriet Thugman.' This track basically shows you some of her rhyming skills, which throughout the LP you notice are consistently well done.

As with very many LPs, a good portion of the material has already been released and is embedded in our memories as either being good or bad. Digga placed 'Tight,' 'Do The Ladies Run This' and 'Imperial' very close together, and, with this being done, they fit in perfectly with the rest of the LP. The tracks themselves are impressive in their own right, but none of them are the LPs best features.

I have a selection of favorite tracks here; they include 'Curtains,' 'Lessons Of Today,' 'The Last Word' (featuring The Outsidaz) and 'Just For You' (featuring Flipmode). The tracks are all very well done; production wise, hook wise and rhyme wise. 'Curtains' has a hook that works after a few listens, although it doesn't on the first listen. Rah Digga drops lines like "And when I freestyle you ain't gone hear it on my CD," which just made me smile because of the ongoing bitching about rappers who 'freestyle' then you hear the lyrics all over their new material. 'Curtains' features a cool beat as do the other tracks, especially 'Lessons Of Today' (Primo laced), 'Break Fool' and 'So Cool.' The posse cuts featuring both of Rah Digga's cliques are both really well done. Definitely worth checking.

The main problem I have with this LP are some of the hooks. 'Showroom' for example and 'What's Up With That,' both are otherwise cool tracks, but they're spoiled by wack hooks. To put it simply, I'm very impressed with 'Dirty Harriet,' it's dope. At the moment Rah Digga is without a doubt one of the best female emcees around (the best in the mainstream without a doubt). 'Dirty Harriet' is well worth picking up, so go and do so.

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