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For those who have no idea about anything here, I'll give you a little background history. This compilation is from the ill UK label, Stonegroove Recordings. This label brought out the dope 'NY State Of Rhyme' and the sequel to it, plus, they're releasing some really dope collaborative 12"s from some of the independent scene's dopest artists. This compilation is filled with twelve tracks from the UK Hip Hop underground scene. And, considering most people that view this site aren't from the UK, you probably won't recognize any, or many of the artists, however, don't let that put you off.

This compilation is, on the whole, pretty damn dope. It has a couple of flaws, but I'll start with the positive points. To many people, the accent will feel weird to listen to, as it's an English one, but to me, it's actually a pretty good feature as it presents an alternate feel to the tracks.

'Knowledge Of Self,' by The Planets is the first track on the compilation, and it was a good decision to use this as the compilations opener. It has a well-created hook created by DJ Kam, dope rhymes and somewhat mellow feeling production.

Another impressive track is 'Dedication' by Skitz featuring Rodney P. It has a Reggae feel added into it subtly. The rhymes aren't too lyrically brilliant, but the flows and mic presence’s that are on here make it an enjoyable track.

Without a doubt, my favourite track on this compilation is Apollo's 'I Hate Da Jiggy.' The track has been fully created by Apollo, and has some cool lyrics mixed with a hook, which instantly gets embedded into your head. I must warn people though, if you aren't from the UK, you probably won't understand a fair amount of words on this track, the same applies to the other tracks on the compilation. What I mean is some of the slang words like "Batty" (which means gay) or TV references like "BBC with David Bellamy." However, I don't feel that not knowing all the words and references that are expressed within the songs will make much of a difference, considering when most people get into Hip Hop (people that aren't from the US) they listen to US Hip Hop, though they don't understand the slang and references it's the flows, and lyrics which they do understand which appeals to them.

Funky DL, a Hip Hop underground UK 'legend' puts out an uplifting track, 'I Love My Life (Keep Moving)' which on first listen isn't particularly brilliant, but it's also a track which has grown on me considerably. The lyrics aren't particularly deep, but it's not that type of track. It's still worth checking though.

I'm not really feeling 'What I Like' by Lost Island or 'Dungeon Town' by The Brotherhood too much though. Lost Island's voice isn't really a pleasure to listen to, he has some okay lyrics, but I really am not feeling his mic presence. The beats aren't too bad, but this isn't a track I stay on for long anymore. 'Dungeon Town' by The Brotherhood is a remix to 'London Town,' and though The Brotherhood are probably the most well known underground UK group, I'm not feeling this. Its main problems are the beats and the hook. The lyrics are pretty good, but the beats just don't get me bopping my head, and the singing on the hook makes it feel tacky to me more than anything, and naming the streets in London doesn't really make the hook any better, though London is ill.

The compilation also features the likes of Roots Manuva, Natty & Dwella, Braintax, Haych and Blackanized with AJ. All of whom put some nice joints up on here. Braintax especially, though his track is the compilation's shortest.

Overall, Stonegroove have come out with a pretty dope compilation. I would advise listening to it prior to purchasing it as it definitely won't be to everyone's taste, but if you have an open mind you should definitely check this.

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