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written by Philip Oliver    
Prior to the release of this album, Psycho Les, Kool Fash and JuJu released the strangely addictive ‘Intoxicated demons’ EP and was just a taster of what this album would be about. The Beatnuts have put in some hard work on the production tip and this album is also a display of stunts blunts and hip-hop.

The 3 man team of emcees work well, each member of the Beatnuts is distinctive, while Fashion is slick with his flow, Les comes with his Nasal twang and JuJu is just straight up gangster in his attack. Even more distinctive is each track on this album, each cut stands alone as being different but overall its about having fun in hip hop, don’t take yourself so seriously!. ‘Props over here’ was the first single from here, I’ve since found out it was a record company drive for sales and not coming from the Beatnuts perspective, its just as nice as any other track but it does seem out of place. The trio spit their funky dribblings with ‘Are you ready’ accompanied by Grand Puba, even ?uestlove from the Roots said this was a slept on classic and you know why with its rattle shakers and doubly funky bass line, simplistic but genius. Puba carries out a verse to end this thing in perfection. ‘Let off a couple’ is also so funky with its loop you’ll be mimicking the electric piano loop before the track is over. Although I’ve told you they are funky they are also raw, take tracks like ‘Hellraiser’, ‘Superbad’ and ‘Fried chicken’ for evidence.

Although they create great tracks together each emcee can operate as their own entity, take Fashion on ‘Riks Joint’ where his slickness is in full effect and rounded off with Missjones on the hook. Psycho Les claims "I make bitches make me sandwiches and scratch my ass when it itches" on the high as hell ‘Sandwiches.’ Other tracks you have to check out on this album are ‘Ya Don’t stop’, ‘Yeah you get props’ and ‘2-3 break where the 3 ride a different but equally great loop for each verse. Looking at the track listing again I cannot pinpoint one track that is not worthy of inclusion.

Undoubtedly a slept on classic.

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