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written by Hugo Lunny    
I hadn't heard of JB!! until I read a review of his material online, I then contacted him and asked him if he could send me some material to review for the site. It took a while, but he sent me his LP, and, as you can plainly see, I've reviewed it.

JB!! is an emcee who is basically a battle rhymer which I've heard a hell of a lot of lately. That's not an altogether bad thing, but it is starting to get a bit tiresome. JB!! rhymes aggressively well though.

'Total Karnage 2001' is the type of LP which you, most likely, will either find yourself addicted to, or not bothered by at all. I, however, found my thoughts on it, veering over to being addicted, but I didn't quite reach there.

From the first track, you'll notice JB!!'s flow tends to be anger-filled. The production, which though isn't accredited (I'm presuming JB!! did it all himself) is consistently well done. From the introduction's transformation into 'The Start Of Something Big' you begin to feel that you'll be feeling the beats, and, as the LP progresses, you don't find yourself disappointed as you continue onto well-produced tracks such as 'Spit That,' 'Let 'Em Know' and both parts of 'War.'

JB!!'s rhymes, I've found most impressive on the last few tracks of the LP; 'War' Part's 1 and 2, 'Karmaggeddon' and 'Portrait Of A Stick Up Kid.' 'Portrait Of A Stick Up Kid.' is, without a doubt my favourite track on this LP. The production is on point, and the rhymes are too. I'm just annoyed that I couldn't encode it for this review (my CD Rom decided to be a bitch...). The track features a mellow beat, a Biggie/Prodigy scratched up hook and a more laid back JB!!

The main tracks which impacted negatively upon my thoughts of this LP were the tracks 'Your Luck's Up,' 'Let Em Know' and 'Open Fire.' Though 'Let 'Em Know' features a dope beat, it, and the other tracks, feature less than impressive rhymes and very tacky sounding hooks.

On the whole, I enjoyed this LP a lot.

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