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written by Philip Oliver    
I've got a very short attention span at times and very rarely can I get through a whole track before hitting the FFWD button for the next. Newcomer J-Zone has managed to capture my attention with his second EP and there's a reason for that and for that perfect 10 score you see to your left. You see there are no rules or blueprint to making a perfect hip hop album and its not a fluke either, you see you need originality and actually believe the music you are putting out is good, someone apart from yourself is gonna like it. Also industry rule #7865 of 'Filler is a killer' also plays a big part, if it doesn't fit in there don't leave it on the album. Proving this, the perfect score has been given to an EP, and its one of the best releases that's come out in the last 4 years.

In a sort of self depreciating manner J-Zone tells it how it really is, its not about big flash cars, diamond studded Rolex's and readily available women but more like getting bummed out on dates, bumping forgotten NWA classics in the car and resorting to porno's when you can't get any play. This is best evidenced on 'The smurf syndrome', a brilliantly produced track that J-zone tells the tale of a night of getting horny and being pissed off with women who want platonic relationships. He don't do hooks either as he proclaims on the opening track 'The Zone Mission (Part VIII)' which is all the better as the sound bites and out takes he uses instead are far more entertaining and less repetitive. Check how he flips his drinking problems on '190' or the haunting loop of 'Holy water' but if you want to really see what he can do without even emceeing on a track check out the hip hop collage that is 'Calamine Lotion (Part II).

He brings in his own guests and don't need no big names to carry this EP, if anyone sticks out with me its Huggy Bear on 'Orphan babies' as the track flips out when his verse begins hitting a repeat nerve in your neck with each line. I cannot count the number of one liners that stick out to me either, when j-zone says 'Hope you get a deal with Wild Pitch, ya get jerked' or 'Confiscating Tampons til she bleed to death' on 'No consequences', a track about a day where there is no law enforcement and he can do what the fuck he wants. But the killer line on that track is "Rolling through the ghetto pumping Ice Ice Baby / Think I give a fuck? / It's better than the shit I heard lately". This guy isn't saying the same thing as everyone else, and more importantly he ain't taking himself seriously. But it's not only that, his self production is amazing and timeless with multi layered rich musical backdrops that are just as entertaining as his lyrics. At times its just wacky but also flips serious style on 'The first day of school' which would make any producer jealous as the track effortlessly oozes out of your stereo.

Lets face reality this isn't gonna get the props it rightfully deserves because some hip hop heads are not willing to give new shit a listen if they haven't heard of the artist before, I've been guilty of that mentality myself but working for tha-real.com has opened my eyes and hopefully you'll read this and think twice. Being so impressed with this EP I spoke to J-Zone and he assures me a full length is on the way. Although its not a J-Zone album but rather a compilation for his album, whether he can follow this flawless release up with something a bit longer will remain to be seen, but if you've got any sense you'll pick this up now as you'll treasure it forever.

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