Experience 826
Review by a2d

"In 2000, she posed a seemingly simple query to an unprepared nation: "Who Is Jill Scott?". Today, everyone..."


Bad Dreams
Review by Hugo Lunny

"There is no real trend in music. You hear many people state that a brilliant debut must have an equally..."

Review by Fenaxiz

"Allow this critic to be unprofessional for a brief moment and sway towards a more personal approach to..."


Review by Hugo Lunny

"Every now and again, as listeners of contemporary music, we find ourselves an artist - be it a producer..."


Even In Darkness
Review by a2d

"Another Fugees effort. Large Professor's album. The Dungeon Family LP. Certain things, it seems, are..."

MTV Unplugged
Review by Hugo Lunny

"From relatively unknown, to a world-renowned superstar, the Jigga-man has consistently brought forth..."


Beats, Rhymes & Life - A Tribe Called Quest
"After 3 classic albums in a row, A Tribe Called Quest was at the pinnacle of their game. But there comes a point in every artists career, where they cannot live up to their own standards..."

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