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written by Hugo Lunny    
For those that have the privilege of knowing me, I don't need to state that I'm a fan of the Lone Catalysts. J. Sands is a very slick emcee, delivering rhymes with perfect levels of enthusiasm and they're worded fairly well also. J. Rawls is of course, a truly brilliant producer...but I'm not really as much a fan of him as an emcee.

3582 are a duo consisting of Fat Jon (of Five Deez fame) and J. Rawls. 35 ("The Ample Soul Physician") is what Fat Jon goes by and 82 ("The Living Vibe") is J. Rawls' alias. Unfortunately though, neither producer is that exceptional on the mic. There are times where their lyrics are somewhat thought provoking. But, more often than none, their verses aren't as noticeable due to the fact that they don't have enough enthusiasm when they rhyme. It could be argued that this suits the mellow levels of the beats. Which now and then, it does. But, sometimes we need to be kept entertained over a well-produced track by an emcee who has a more embracing mic presence. After all, this isn't an instrumental album.

'Yesterday (35 Mix)' and 'Bad Form' (a cool track about improper behaviour) manage to prove that if 3582 wanted to rhyme in a livelier manner, they could easily do so. However, on this LP, they tend not to.

Although, with that said, the extremely relaxed feel does work on a couple of occasions. 'What Could Be' features a perfect example of that working. Solid production and a matching rhyme pattern to float above it. 'The Collective' is another track worth paying atention to.

But, in essence, the emceeing doesn't compare to the production.

'The Living Soul' is a release which isn't bad to simply sit and relax to. As in truly relax, the laidback feel is perfect, however, it doesn't serve much more than that because of the emceeing element.

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