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written by Frank White    
Tha Addicts are a group out of Palm Beach, Florida and consist of Blizz and Menace. Menace takes care of the production on the album, leaving only two to outside producers. There are a lot of skits on the album, but none disrupt the LP. Mostly it’s different people calling in wanting to hear more of the group. They have on that’s just hilarious, a Mexican guy Hector at a pay phone, drinking a Corona just wanting to listen to Tha Addicts. A bass fiend myself, the Miami influenced production did not leave my speakers hanging. If blasting 'Get Doe' doesn’t get you a couple nods at the beach, it’s time to upgrade your system.

The most important factor this album has going for it is not being crowded with guest appearances, which seems to be a current trend. Only "What It’s about' featuring Snoop Dogg and the previously featured mentioned 'Get Doe' (featuring Triple) feature artists outside the camp. Even though it has been years since snoop Dogg’s prime, he manages to take over the track taking Tha Addicts on a west coast ride.

Concept wise 'Too Many' is easily the best track on the album, asking why only five percent of the people have ninety-five percent of the money. During the outro Tha Addicts take out their time to answer to all the people labeling them as white mc’s in an interesting manner.

As in every review, the time came to point out the weak parts of this release. Tha Addicts pretty much stick with the old formula of having a party track, smoke out track etc. and it wouldn’t be half bad, but it doesn’t push Hip Hop into any new directions. Also the producer gets sort of lazy creating beats with minimum loop variations. The prime example of this is the repetitive 'Sights And Sound' which doesn’t take long to annoy the hell out of somebody. Also the New York inspired 'It’s Ok' fails miserably.

If you’re wondering what these guys are addicted to, after hanging out with Blizz I’ll easily have to say it’s alcohol. It’s always fun to listen to some of these groups early on, seeing where their careers take them. Overall, Tha Addicts came through with a fairly strong debut, and I wish them luck in the future.

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