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"Who in the hell named you the High & The Mighty? To me, you just sound like a couple high whiteys" (Masta Ace) is probably the most famous quote on the independent scene about High & Mighty (composed of MC Mr. Eon and producer Mighty Mi). You might remember Mr. Eon from that old Eminem freestyle, or from his rapping duo with Cage in the group "Smut Peddlers." Or maybe even from their slept on album "Home Field Advantage." "Air Force 1", dropped under their Eastern Conference Label, is a shorter album but hardly comes up short in it's delivery. With some nice lyrical performances, and some tight production (Mighty Mi is a highly under rated producer), this album has a lot of definite replay value to it.

For the most part, the production on this album is really hot. Mighty Mi shows a lot of different aspects to his production abilities. He brings the hypeness on tracks like "Can't Deny That" and "Hedley." Then he turns around and shows a more mellow side on "And Then" and "What's After." Mighty Mi even shows his scratching talents on "Mighty Mi In The Land Of Deadstock." For the most part, his beats are intricate enough to keep your interest through some of Eon's slower paced rhymes, but there are tracks like "Illadel Jack Move" that are too different to even bother to sit through. J-Zone (another under rated underground producer) lends his production magic on the track "Artillery", so you know the samples and bass lines are going to be sick all over this album.

Eon isn't one of my favorite MCs, mainly because I don't like the sound of his voice, and he usually seems to keep a one-dimensional delivery. His lyrics are pretty good though, even though I thought he was a lot more amusing on Smut Peddler's "Porn Again". After a while though, his voice starts to bore me, which is why I was glad the production was nice enough to keep my interest in this parts. Thankfully, Eon wasn't the only one to bless "Air Force 1"'s tracks in the lyric department. As a matter of fact, "Air Force 1" hosted a lot of really nice guest appearances. One of the best punchline MCs; Copywrite, lends his witty style on the track "Can't Deny It". Even Queens Bridge represents on this album, with Havoc spitting flames with R.A. The Ruggedman on the cut "Don't Wanna." Eon's smut peddling partner, Cage, also brings the classic duo to form on the song "More In Outs". Everyone who guests on this album really shines on their respected tracks, and I'm glad to see High & Mighty follow up their "Eastern Conference Allstars" album with another solid album.

If you're not familiar with High & Mighty's work, this is a good place to start getting acquainted. The production is there, the lyrical content is there, and the lyrical delivery (thanks to guest stars) is there for the most part too. Overall, this is a hot buy, definitely check it out.

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