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Back when Cage first released "Agent Orange" to the underground market, fans literally went crazy over the then unknown Caucasian emcee with a twisted/demented mind and sick, over the top lyricism. Since then Cage has gone through numerous up and downs in the industry and has never been able to get his own solo venture to be released until now. And while Cage has always been an underground favorite over the years, many questioned if he could put together a whole album that would keep your attention for more than a couple joints.

As I have come to realize over the years, either you love Cage or you hate him. For some his dark humor, erratic flow and deranged sense of reality is unparalleled as he posses the ability to be entertaining while true to the underground sound at the same time. For others, Cage is a little too crazy for those who cant handle the constant dreary images of life, murder and drugs that he so well depicts. Over the years I have grown to like Cage more and more, putting myself more towards the first description of Cage, but I still had my doubts whether I would be able to tolerate Cage for a whole album. Well to my surprise, and many others, Cage not only delivers a great album, but one that surpasses all expectations that most hailed upon him.

There are those that are going to label "Movies For The Blind" as nothing more than a typical Cage filled album consumed with nothing but dark, eerie figures from Cage's sick and delusional mind, and they are right. If you don't like Cage already, "Movies For The Blind" won't change your mind. But for those that do, the album is everything you expect and much more.

With an all star production line up of Mighty Mi, Necro, Rush, Camu Tao, J-Zone, Rjd2 and El-p among others, "Movies For The Blind" is without a doubt one of the best-produced albums of the year. Mighty Mi laces Cage with some stellar production throughout the album and gives Cage the perfect backdrop for him to succeed as seen on tracks such as "Suicidal Failure", "CK Won", and Pussy, Money, And War". The lead single "Escape to 88" is definitely one of Cage's finest material on the album. The track surprisingly features Mighty Mi throwing in the Eminem sample "Who is this Cage?" from the Ken Kaniff skit in for the hook. "Unlike Tower 1" is the group collaboration between Cage, Copywrite and Mr. Eon, all of which tear the Mighty Mi production to shreds. Copywrite especially puts for a stellar performance as he does his usual battle antics.

What surprised me most about "Movies For The Blind" is the album's ability to stay entertaining and varied at all levels. While at times it does get repetitive, for the most part each track has an identity of its own and doesn't fall into the same category every time. Critics who said Cage would never be able to put forth a solid album definitely have a foot in their mouths after this album. Tracks like the J-Zone produced "In Stoney Lodge" and the El-p produced "Holdin A Jar 2" prove that Cage can indeed spit on all varieties of production and put forth songs that actually give more than the usual thug antics. "In Stoney Lodge" is especially amazing, considering the vast difference between J-Zone's production and Cage's rhyme style.

However, still to this day, "Agent Orange" remains Cage's centerpiece in his career. The track is still as amazing as it was when it was first released. After listening to the track you come to realize how far Cage has come with his flow, charisma and lyrical ability over the years. It's great to see Cage progress into something many thought he wouldn't become, a great emcee. Even though, "Movies For The Blind" is a spectacular album, it isn't filled without some problems. "The Soundtrack" is a boring track dedicated to killing your stepfather and is a little too over the top and unbelievable. It's tracks like this that turn many away from Cage. While the production is more than solid, the concept is anything but. While some tracks such as "Holdin A Jar 2", "Too Much" and "CK Won" will be hit or miss for some, the only other remotely noticeable flaw within "Movies For The Blind" is the EC All-stars 2 leftover "Crowd Killer". Almost a year old, the track should have been left on the EC album and not dragged unnecessarily on the album.

For Cage and EC fans alike, "Movies For The Blind" will be a magnificent triumph in a long and tiresome career for Cage. Underground heads will surly eat the album up as its already be called one of the best albums of the year, and those not so familiar with the Cage style will now get the chance to finally get to know the emcee and what he's capable of doing. It's good to see Cage finally get the chance he finally deserves and if "Movies For The Blind" is any indication, Cage is only getting started in this Hip-Hop game.

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