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written by Frank White    
Its been a couple of years since we were last seen cruising around bumping that old "Camp Lo" album. I almost forgot that they existed, and barely caught this album from slipping right by me. I don't believe I seen any advertisements or promotional pushes for "Let's Do It Again" except for a small interview in The Source magazine. Now, let's be real. I don't believe there is a hip hop fan out there that didn't start nodding their head once they heard "Luchini" back in the late nineties. I'm glad that the Camp received a chance to release another album, especially these days when the whole hip hop industry seems to be so stagnant.

Since I don't really know about how this album came to be, except that they just wanted to create good music I'll get right into the review. There is a lot of bouncy production here, and the lyrics are "Luchini" laced as expected. Anyone looking for complex word play, will surely not find it here. The lead single "Glow" sums up this whole cd very well; with it's easy going lyrics and catchy seventies sample in the back. This formula is used throughout the whole album, and stays very consistent. On tracks "Let's Do It Again," "How You Walkin'," "Sky box" and "China Soul" it produces very pleasant effects. All the tracks above have summer and clubbin' written all over them, and appropriately were all released in time for just that.

The Camp mainly relies on bouncy beats to succeed, and the only time this album falls short is when its production fails. "Gotcha," "Gorilla Pimp" and "Carnival 4 Sha" are prime examples of where the producers went haywire. It seem that the music was either forced or too complex for it's own good.

The album is enjoyable and I've had it in my car for over three weeks bumping the hell of it. It's very easy going, and I recommend it to all the "easy going" listeners out there. All you "De La Soul" fans out there will especially appreciate it for what it is.

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