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Signing to Rocafella was a huge stepping stone in Cam'ron's career. One can't stop wondering how the whole situation would have revolved if Big L was still alive and also signed to the label. Would Mase come out of retirement and re-join his team, or would Jay-Z stop there and focus directly on Big L's solo career. Fate seems to work in mysterious ways, and hopefully this is what Camron needed to finally gain some respect in the industry. "Come Home With Me" promises to be his best CD yet, or am I wrong? Lately it seems that anything Jay-Z touches goes platinum, and excuse me for overlooking the R Kelly collabo. I really do not want to dwell into that issue because it would really bring me out of focus.

I skipped right to "Oh Boy" because it was the one track that I had seen featured on every mixtape out within previous weeks. I have to admit that unlike the general reception it received, it didn't appeal to me. The "boy, boy...oh boy" sample every couple seconds throughout the entire track felt too much. Also the lyrics were very simplistic, and uninspired even for Cam'ron. There are a couple things that I have to point out about the album after the first listen. The album has a very weird feel of nostalgia to it. A couple of the beats remind me of "357" which came out on Camron's previous album. There are a lot of tracks with as sample looping endlessly with an old Wu-Tang-esque flavor to them, and I can't help feeling that a couple of the beats were first tried for Jay-Z's "The Blueprint." If that wasn't enought it sounds like the album was partly inspired by Mase's "Harlem World"...ain't that ironic.

Cam'ron spits his guts out on "Tomorrow," but the hook takes away from the experience. I really don't see why anyone thinks that a track has to have an R&B hook on it in order to get it's point across. On "Stop Calling" Camron along with McGruff talk about having sex with someone else's girl, what a concept, huh. The most catchy track on the album has some comedic lines it, so peep "Hey Ma" if that's your thing. "Stuck her tongue in my butt/ Then I woke up/ She's like we fuckin' or what/ Huh, bitch I'll fuck in the truck/ We can't fuck in the truck/ We'll fuck it up/ Nah, it's nothing but nut/ Now, I'm up in her gut/ And after I'm done I had to nut in a cup"

The album isn't all that bad with tracks like "Welcome to New York" featuring Jay Z and "Loosing Weight" (which features Prodigy) under it's belt. The biggest downfall is that the replay value isn't really there. As I mentioned before most of this material has been lifted, recycled and upgraded from other sources. I'm pretty sure that the CD will sell regardless since it has the former king of New York's name behind it. I can't quite pin point where Cam'ron went wrong here, but it does seem that he just doesn't have much to talk about.

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