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The first time I heard Copywrite rap, on a posse cut featured on Eastern Conference All Stars Volume 2, I immediately wanted to hear more. It wasn't because of his casual voice or his solid flow, rather, it was one line that really caught my attention and let me know this kid could probably spit hot metaphors for days. "Bad Boy with a long barrel that's all narrow / 'shine' behind bars like Jamal Barrow"

On his debut album, The High Exhaulted, Copywrite has lived up to my expectations, delivering an album chock-full of those type of clever rhymes, all laid over production that is, for the most part, stellar.

The album opens quite fittingly with "Fuck Soundcheck," which really sets the tone for the rest of the album. The grimy production, handled by the critically acclaimed RJD2, gives Copywrite the perfect showcase to kick his battle rhymes. "I use your rhymes as examples of what not to write" and "I don't wanna be mainstream, I wanna piss in it." The track is followed by the equally amped "Fire it Up." While the Camu Tao production doesn't match the first track's beat, Copywrite hits the track just as hard lyrically.

Camu Tao then comes through in the clutch with the beat on "Hear me Though." The horns sprinkled throughout the track would keep your attention throughout if it weren't for Copywrite's rhymes. "Better get it straight, 'fore I straighten it myself / You a clone, if I diss you, I'm dissin' myself" and one-liners like "Start the beef at 5:55 and make the six o'clock news."

In the end, RJD2 is behind the production success of the album, also laying down tracks for the amazing "Nobody," "Hollier than Thou," "Seven Light Years" and the closing track "June." His beats are so important here because by the middle of the second track you can already tell Copywrite can rap his ass off for twenty more discs if he needed to, but the better the beats, the better the total package.

The only missteps to be found here are when Copywrite suddenly wants to rap about the ladies, or how many ladies he can get, or how ladies are "on his dick." "Let me In" and "On My Dick" are examples of these, and while "Badabing" sounds like it could be about the same, it's actually the repetitive hook that sinks that track.

If lyrics are your thing, the simile, metaphor, battle rap type of lyrics, than look no further than The High Exhaulted - Copywrite has definitely made his presence felt on his debut.

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