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Ever since my previous site, and since my involvement in "underground"/"independent" Hip Hop began, I've had emcees and groups bug me. I know why they do so, but I'd say no more than one in thirty that I'll end up checking out will be worth my time. Debut managed to qualify as one of the one's. He persistently tried to get me to check out his material, and I'm glad I did.

Hailing from the Bronx, and of Ecuadorian descent, Debut (heavily influenced by Big Pun) sounds alike many other Latin rappers, in terms of his voice. But, Debut excels with his lyricism, and delivery. His ability to properly deliver his words in an appropriate fashion over his beats is excellent, and a great feature of his rhyming talents.

From the lead single 'I'm Leaving' - I was very interested in hearing 'Pandemonium.' 'I'm Leaving' features Debut pissed off at the end of a relationship, the argument prior to actually leaving. The beat is perfect, subtle with some simple Spanish sung samples. As per usual Debut plays around with the content with flair.

The album is at its best with Debut angry, or comedic. 'Say Goodnite' with Meta 4 and Session features and eerie Julius Cesar beat and a cool selection of sinister verses. There's also 'Shagaholic,' which has Debut joking about sex, with a well chosen Eminem sampled hook. 'Your Fuckin' With The Best' and 'Gun Crazy' are also great examples of Debut at his best, going off with excessive enthusiasm.

Though Debut can handle depth, as very well showcased on 'If I Could Only,' 'I'm Sorry' I don't feel meshed appropriately with the other tracks on 'Pandemonium.' The hook I cannot stand, Karla can sing (she guests on the hook) but it didn't work with the beat and Debut's rhymes.

'Pandemonium' is a solid Debut from ironically enough, Debut. Definitely worth spending some time and cash checking.

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