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Titling E-F@mm's EP "Happy F*ck You Songs," describes the content excellently. As expressed on the enhanced portion of the CD, the songs basically follow that trend. They tend to feature amusing lines with some angry connotations attached. 'FYIRB' ("F*ck Y'all I Rhyme Better"), showcases this perfectly. The lines aren't angry, but more so considerably peeved. They're amusing, as well as at times slightly off colour. The individual performances also help accentuate what's being recited.

From 'The Evil That Pens Do' (a track that has been sitting around for a couple of years now) through to the insanely populated 'Obligatory Posse Cut.' E-F@mm provide a variety of subject matters and witty remarks. 'How U Doin'? makes use of the "Friends" TV show phrase (which became a "notorious" pick up line) for its hook. The track, in essence is a battle cut. All emcees provide captivating verses, and along with the help of Mecca, keep you very entertained.

Most tracks are posse cuts (featuring all of E-F@mm), minus 'Murder In The Verse Degree,' Session's solo cut. Tone provides the beat, which Session makes more than adequate use of. Production wise, the EP is excellent. Elite assembles a very up-tempo gem with 'Velocity,' and Tone's sped up beat (reminiscent of the game Tetris) on 'Line Drop' works perfectly. As the beat speed increases, so do the rhymes, and the verbal clarity of the speedily recited rhymes is impressive to say the least.

Contrary to the opinion widely expressed by people I've discussed 'Celly,' my opinion isn't as favourable of the track. Though I love the creativity behind it - the concept being poor cell phone communication and misunderstandings occurring as a result. The Deacon The Villain beat is very laidback and works well beneath the "comedic" lines exhibited by the emcees, the only problem is - I didn't find the track funny. The hook worked well though.

The skits here are priceless. "Pebble Jam" pokes fun at Skribble Jam (a famous Hip Hop showcase event) and includes some Bin Laden/Bush jokes, which are simply priceless. "Pause" is another gem, and Squeegee, Tone's animated yellow Pokemon-esque character makes the intro and outro priceless. His presence definitely helps the word "Happy" in the title emerge with force.

These days it seems emcees aren't having enough fun. E-F@mm's EP proves that you can still rhyme aggressively, but you don't need to hide that sadistic grin that lurks beneath your scowl. If "Happy F*ck You Songs" doesn't make you smile, to quote Squeegee "uFck You!" This is an EP definitely worth picking up.

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