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I remember working at a site last year which also doubled up as a pretty large message board. It was my first experience really dealing with "netcees" first hand. I also remember not being too impressed with a lot of the artists I was exposed to. There were a few that I liked and only a couple that really had me overwhelmed by their talent. One of those was a kid named Elias. Like many boards, we had a forum for cats to post their new tracks, and although I don't remember any song titles, I do remember Elias posting some joints in there that had me open. So QS was sold and I joined MVRemix. I hadn't heard anything from Elias in over a year and just assumed that one day he would pop up again somehow. To my surprise he actually did, and so did his manager, with a copy of his brand new demo; "The Bloody Sacrifice".

"A villain of unending cunning and wickedness has escaped..." plays as the opening sample for the CD, leading you to believe words like that would only come from someone about to "bring it." As the sample ends Elias' vocals kick in with raw, rapid-fire flows that compliment the eerie beat perfectly. So much so that I found myself rewinding the minute and a half intro before I allowed track two to play.

Elias is far from a "thug mc." "Demons Unleashed" follows the "Intro" and is a track dedicated to all the fake MC's or wannabe "thug rappers." Over another eerie, string laden, project beat (assembled by Vigorous, laced by Adro), Elias delves into the subject matter. Vigorous also kicks a verse at the end of this track, which acts as one of the few "highlights" from a guest on the demo.

Another positive aspect of the album is one of the rare slow songs on the demo, "As I look Out," with Elias getting more personal and speaking upon life and politics. He proves that he can take it slow and not have to attack the mic on every track. Even with his slowed form, the result is impressive. Other highlights on the demo include a sequel/remake of the Jay-Z classic "22 Two's." This version being titled "22 2's 2K2." Upcoming producer Chris Stylez produces two of my favorites on the CD; "Slow It Up, Speed It Up" and "Meet The Mobb". Both make nice use of string samples and also break them down to keep from repetitiveness. I've got a good feeling we'll be seeing a lot more if Chris in the near future. There's even a diss track or two on here. If you keep up with the mainstream then you know who Sacario is. He was signed by Angie Martinez, and Elias apparently has a neighborhood beef with the kid outside of the music, 'Caution' showcases this pretty well.

This demo is not without faults. One being the lack of guests that can match up to Elias on the mic. It's always important that your guests don't outshine you, but you also don't want guests that are lesser emcees and will overly exhibit your skills. Not to say these guests don't have talent but it seems hard for them to be on a track with Elias and sound as good as him. Overall the beats are straight, nothing out of this world, but there are a few sub par ones that never should have come off the cutting room floor. One being Wyshmaster's beat on, "Bang To This." "Once Again" and "Who We Are" are two more beats that aren't career ending but just not meeting up to what needs be.

Elias has improved so much over the last year, I would definitely recommend you checking out his material. He's not an MC that has to be carefully listened to in order to be deciphered. The thing is the way he delivers his material and just "spits in your face." Elias is destined for big things, I do however have one "real" recommendation for you Elias. Get a new DJ.

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