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If you are a Hip-Hop fan, soundtracks must scare you. What looks like a continuing trend, almost every Hip-Hop influenced soundtrack ends up as disappointing. While in years past some of the finer unreleased songs and b-sides used to end up on soundtracks, nowadays they contain nothing but throw away and filler tracks. Continuing on this trend if Ice Cube's "Friday After Next Soundtrack". While Cube has made a good legacy in the movie business off of the pure comedy from the Friday Series, the only thing funny about this soundtrack is the final outcome.

While the "Friday After Next Soundtrack" goes back to the original's roots of mixing classic old school soul with new school Hip-Hop, the newer joints on the album are nothing but filler. The Westside Connection reunite once again for the boring Christmas anthem of "It's The Holadaze". It's been years since trio of Ice Cube, Mack 10 & W.C. released their successful debut album, and maybe that's the way it should stay since all of their material over the past few years has been horrific. More generic material can been seen from the Nappy Roots track "Got All", Krazie Bone's "Wonderful World", and FT & Tha Eastsiderz "High Times". The worst out of all the material on the soundtrack comes from the unbearable sounds of "Mardi Gras" by Rockwilder's Whatever. Embarrassing could be a word to explain this song, however a better one would be pathetic, as I hope Rockwilder doesn't think this kid has a future in this business.

The only three new school tracks that are even worth your attention are the Flipmode sounds of "Just Chill", the West Coast underdog of Roscoe on "Get Ready" and G-Unit on "Bad News". All three are solid tracks, especially G-Unit's "Bad News" which has been on multiple albums and mixtapes and Busta's Flipmode Squad's "Just Chill".

The second half of the album is dedicated to the more soulful side of Ice Cube one would only guess, as he incorporates some classic soul songs and Christmas anthems. Leon Haywood's "I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You" is a track every production enthusiasts should recognize, as its soulful sounds have been sample before. Slave's "Slide" along with Calvin Richardson's "Go To The Club" are nice additions to the albums old school vibe. Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas" and The Temptations "Silent Night" are of course Christmas classics. However, for most won't be a reason to buy the "Friday After Next Soundtrack".

le the old school classics are always a welcomed change of pace, the rest of the album is just your typical material forced onto every soundtrack. There is really no reason to pick up "The Friday After Next Soundtrack" unless the classic songs intrigue you enough to buy it. Other than that "The Friday After Next Soundtrack" is another album in a long line of horrible soundtracks.

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