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written by Hugo Lunny    
Notoriously known for avant-garde tastes and heralded by mainstream/elitist backpackers in, at times, less than favourable manners, I had no specific expectation as to what I'd hear with this release. It's truly a rarity when I'm considerably more familiar with those behind the record label than the actual artist. With this Hip Hop Infinity Recording, that's the case. I've heard Genelec's name mentioned a couple of times, and Memphis Reigns' too. But, I'd never heard any of their material.

'Firebombz' leads us into 'Scorpion Circles,' and it maneuvers the release into the right direction. Genelec and Memphis Reigns combine well-spoken rhyme patterns with an intriguing beat and a selection of well-placed scratches. As the album moves on, we witness more of the same. Fresh, well assembled beats and fine lyrics. The lyricism isn't mind-blowing, but the rhymes are performed at a respectable level and inserted above the selected beats with care.

Standout production is prevalent within 'Sunwheel,' 'Offerings,' 'Chicken Soup' and 'Scorpion Circles.' Now bear in mind that the album only has thirteen tracks. Having four very well produced, and not just that...smooth verbally performed tracks, amongst few tracks worth skipping and the rest falling under the label "very good," isn't a typical thing to witness.

Tracks like 'Organisms' and 'Thunderbox' should have been left off of the album. For me, they truly do impact negatively upon the piece with being sandwiched between other intelligently chosen content. The production isn't awful with these tracks, but, it's not on the same level as the rest of 'Scorpion Circles' is. Plus, the rhymes/hooks don't work as the others do.

If you have any sense, or a desire to pick up a pretty well rounded independent release, 'Scorpion Circles' definitely deserves some consideration.

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