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There are a lot of feelings associated with listening to this album. My first thought was, this motherf*cker is straight crazy! After a few more listens, I began to respect his skills a whole lot more. After another few listens, I realized this album is hot, at least for those who don't offend easily.

For those who don't know, Necro's subject matter varies from murder, drugs, rape, shit eating girls, and some seriously messed up instructions on how to conceal a dead body. Necro is obviously not for everyone, as his "odd" up subject matter will probably scare away any *NSYNC fan thinking that Necro must sound like Eminem because he's another white rapper.

Necro is a talented man. Anyone who says otherwise is letting their morals get in the way of their true judgement. Necro produces every track on his album, and enlists guests on only 3 tracks. Younger brother, Ill Bill shows up to drop some nice lines on "Poetry in the Streets", a solid song with some killer lines. Necro's remake of the G.O.A.T.'s (in my opinion) "10 Crack Commandments", entitled "12 King Pimp Commandments" is a hot song where Necro goes over his twelve rules designed to help pimps stay on top of their game. Some rule examples include: Number 2: "Must control 7 or 8 cunts at once a freak for each day of the week, the eighth is a lottery stunt." Here's number 12: "There's leaders and followers, a king pimp never follows a hollow headed dick swallower." "Dead Body Disposal" contains Necro giving some frighteningly detailed instructions on how to get rid of a corpse. Finally, I have a place to turn when I get myself into that situation again. Necro's lines on this track make me honestly think that he has experience in the matter, that's how detailed this song is, and the lines taken from the movie "Snatch", suit the song perfectly. On "Light my Fire", Necro puts forth some insanely crazy lines at a lightning quick pace, basically creatively insulting the female gender with some special attention paid to Mariah Carey. That's right, Mariah Carey. I wish I could post the entire last verse on here, but would probably be shut down by some women's rights group or something. Let's just say that this album is worth the money just to hear that verse on its own.

I know what you're thinking… Since Necro produced every track, won't his production get boring and stale by the end of the album? The answer is a clear cut no. Every beat on the album is hot, and none are redundant or boring. Each beat has its own uniqueness, but it would be impossible for Necro to produce an entire album and not have any beats sound somewhat similar. That is not a complaint, just an observation. It would be a complaint if the beats were shitty, but they aren't. They all suit Necro's style perfectly. Necro is one of the hottest rappers I have heard in a long time. He has an incredible flow, witty, funny lyrics and great charisma and attitude. It's also pretty obvious that he put an incredible amount of work into this album. Every thing sounds so seamless and clean. The only problem with Necro is that, like Canibus, you will get sick of him rhyming about the same thing for the entire album, that is, unless you're some kind of sadistic freak who needs to hear stuff like this all the time. But honestly, this is the best album I've heard in a long time. Definitely pick this one up, even if it's just to hide in your girlfriend's CD player to freak her out.

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