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Its been hard for the lost boys ever since they lost one of their best members. I didn't even know this CD was out yet until I saw it at Best Buy. Virtually no advertisements or hype... the label must not believe that Mr. Cheeks will move any serious units for them. At least they didn't scrap the project, since that's what happens to almost everyone these days.

Mr. Cheeks named the LP after his grandfather and promised us he's going back to the elements in true LB fashion with this CD. Not to knock it down early on, but nothing here resembles the group's first album. Throughout the years Mr. cheeks has gotten into more, and more of a party mode. It wouldn't be too bad if he actually had something new and interesting to tell us.

I remember seeing the single "Lights, Camera, Action!" on MTV2 a while back and never really felt it. I would consider it average at best - "been there, done that." Stephen Marley is featured twice on this LP and brings a very cool reggae flavor to both of the tracks. The first one "Mama Say" is a regular party track, but the second "Till We Meet Again" speaks of the pain Mr. Cheeks felt after Freaky Tah passed. As it usually is with dedication tracks it's a shining star on the album.

If any of you remember the "Lil Cease" album that came out after B.I.G. died this is what Mr. Cheeks debut reminds me off. It sounds as if it would fit better into a different time frame. With the exception of a few tracks I feel like I've heard everything on here before. The repetitive beats don't help the cause, I lost my place many times trying to review it. The majority of the album revolves around "bitches" and "parties," causing even the most alert listener to lose track. Also the spark in Mr. Cheeks' voice isn't there, it seems that this album was forced more than anything.

My favorite track on the album is "I remember" and I recommend for any LB fan to peep it. Even if you plan to sleep on the LP, check it out alongside with the Freaky Tah dedications. It lets you catch a glimpse of what could have been with a little more excitement and thought. Hopefully the Lost Boys release another LP together, and let us get high off of their music once more.

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