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Being Bone Thugs~N~Harmony's most versatile and well-rounded member, Krazie Bone has gained a successful reputation for himself over the years. His rapid fire flow, smooth, yet gritty voice, and charisma on the mic has made him stand apart from his fellow Bone members. After the success of his debut album "Thug Mentality", Bone fans have eagerly awaited Krazie's sophomore effort "Thug On Da Line". Unfortunately, "Thug On Da Line" doesn't offer the performance Bone fans expected and is disappointing to say the least.

While Bone Thugs~N~Harmony have been clouded by turmoil over the years, it always seemed that Krazie was able to rise above all the drama and release quality music on a consistent basis. However, that is not the case with Krazie's recent effort. The album is plagued by many problems, such as production, lyrical content, but nothing stands out more than Krazie's Thugline protgs. The main problem with "Thug On Da Line" doesn't lie within Krazie, but with his fellow Thugline rappers. Instead of a true solo album, "Thug On Da Line" is more like a compilation album. Krazie's team of young, unknown emcees: Keef G, Bam, Young Dre, and Boss among others; are clouded by shallow lyricism, constant thug references, and just an overall lack for rapping skills. These inexperienced emcees unfortunately bring down every track they appear on.

Tracks such as "Thug On Da Line", "Rollin Up Some Mo'", "If You A Thug", and "Ride The Thug Line" are all posse cuts that offer a less than stellar experience. "Da Thugs", "I Don't Give a Fuck", and "A Thuggin Level" are predictable "thug" tracks and are made obvious to the listener what they are about even before hearing them. The production on "Thug On Da Line" is also a determining factor in the album's disappointment. Bone Thugs~N~Harmony are usually known for their dark, sinister production. However, throughout "Thug On Da Line" the production rarely fits Krazie's intensity and style. The beats on the album are at times boring and generic. While the production isn't awful, it doesn't fit the Bone style and is almost strange to hear along side Krazie.

However, "Thug On Da Line" does rebound from these disappointments. When Krazie goes solo, he brings us those Bone tracks we have all been accustomed to hearing over the years. "Ya'll Don't Know Me" is a blazing, lyrical feast from Krazie, where he lets the world know there is no one like Krazie Bone. "Gemini" is the tale of Krazie's inner battle between good and evil. While the concept has been done before, Krazie does a good job depicting the tale.

However, Krazie is always at his best when putting out those deep, emotional songs Bone fans have grown to love. "Can't Hustle 4 Ever" and "Time After Time" are beautiful tracks that let us inside the mind of Krazie Bone. But it's on the mesmerizing "Talk To Myself" that Krazie truly stands out on. The tracks smooth production by Tim Feehan, along with the hooks soulful approach make it truly memorable, and ends up as one of Krazie's best tracks ever put out.

Even though "Thug On Da Line" is a huge disappointment, Krazie is still capable of making good Hip-Hop music. If it weren't for his fellow Thugline rappers, the album would have offered a better experience. Hopefully, next time we will get a true solo album from Krazie, and not merely a compilation album for his young rappers to shine on.

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