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written by Hugo Lunny    
My first instance of being exposed to Mac Lethal was through his rantings on a message board. Boasting and throwing forth a seemingly conceited personality, Mac Lethal seemed like a net emcee who liked to talk but really, that's all. He proved at Scribble Jam that this was not the case, proving to all doubters how skilled he was. From then on, he had something to properly back up his claims.

I never had the privilege of hearing his contributions to Scribble Jam, but I saw how he gained a following fairly speedily. When I received his LP; 'Men Are From Mars, Pornstars Are From Earth,' featuring a simplified nude photo of Aria Giovanni. Lets just say I was intrigued. The introduction to the album had me excited for what was to follow. Mac combined a selection of samples over a cool beat and basically assembled an interesting vibe, evoking curiosity for what followed. 'My Favorite Screams' showcases Mac Lethal's vulgar side. He angrily flows in-between scream samples detailing various "less than pleasant" scenarios, but doing so with enough descriptive wording that you're very impressed.

The album excels when Mac Lethal is either deep or very creative. 'My Angel Veronica' features a perfectly told tale of a friendship with a female friend that is hard to articulate, though Mac does a good job. 'Neptune, My Sweet Neptune' is an excellently told tale about Mac picking up a mutant cyborg. The way he narrates the story is too smooth. Mac's production (which is consistently well created) and beautifully chosen sample make 'A Cool Breeze' a lovely track to simply lay back and relax. 'Midnight In Manhattan,' produced by blockhead is another gem. It talks about September 11th, a day few will forget (especially me, it's my birthday).

'Monday School,' and 'My Mom Izza Thug' are both well done, but flawed. Conceptually the first is very well thought out and written, though the performance seems poorly mixed. The vocals feel a little too loud. The track questions various things we're meant to believe naively, and suggests potential options or alternatives to what's stated. 'My Mom Izza Thug' is performed decently, and well thought out. But, the hook annoyed me immensely and though I found it appealing and humourous the first couple of times around, after subsequent listens it became annoying.

The "comedic" 'Ike Turner Psychic Network' is one of the most annoying factors of the album. Removing this would have made the album so much better for me. Not only is it featured as an interlude track, but it interrupts an energy filled banger "The M.A.D." and thus damages it.

Overall, Mac Lethal is a talented emcee and has put out a debut LP showcasing that. Although there are some less than perfect moments, this has wet my appetite very securely for future releases.

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