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written by Hugo Lunny    
Every other day I'm recommended releases to check out. Because of the immense amount of material out there, I don't get excited until after I've heard it. The Molemen's previous release 'Ritual of The...' featured bigger (better known) names, but, this compilation was also handled by them. And, thus, knowing their talent...and my blind faith in them due to their previous material. I was excited to say the least to hear this.

From the beautiful introduction produced by Panik (Maxwell St. Blues) we're lead into the undoubtedly brilliant 'Redemption' by Capital D. Capital D has in my opinion one of the best emceeing flows/voices that I've heard. He manages to not be too harsh, and not too soft, a nice balance. Throw a Molemen beat beneath him, and the odds are you'll have something worth investing time into listening to on your hands. Those odds were correct. O-Type Star provides a slick sounding track in 'Onion Rings.' Alike Capital D, his mic presence makes listening to him very easy to do. However, his flow is somewhat inferior to D's. The cool beat works for O-Type Star and the spoken/simply scratched up hook makes things move further seamlessly.

The compilation is flooded with talented Chicago emcees. "Underground legend" JUICE and VaKill (otherwise known as Triangle Offense) come together to perform the track 'Underground Legend.' JUICE, as always, seems to simply sit back and throw out perfect verses with ease. VaKill doesn't come off as well as JUICE, but does an excellent job creating a lovely addition to 'Chicago City Limits.'

Anacron provides the excitable 'Beat Down' - enthusiastic emceeing at a constant pace over a flickering beat, similar to that on 'Redemption' and a simple, yet effective hook. Demonology (who sort of reminds me of Evidence with his voice), provides the track 'E.S.B.E.' His verses are very well done, and the scratched up Biggie hook fits nicely to bridge his gaps. There's also Seel, who brings forth a melancholy feeling, yet well done track about ladies and rejection on 'Falling.' The beat fits his tone and intended vibe like a glove. Prime's 'The Sheppard,' is another reason to purchase this release. The sullen beat adds the perfect vibe to the song when mixed in with his verses and simply spoken rhyming hook.

If there are problems to be found with this compilation, they lie with Verbal's 'Don't Forget' and the posse cut 'Death Wish Banger.' Though both tracks grow on you with time. They really stand out as being less than brilliant and pale in comparison to the majority of material featured here. The beats aren't as fresh as you'll hear on the other tracks. And, unfortunately, this makes it a lot harder for the emcees to grasp your attention to a degree in which you're actually intently concentrating on what's being said.

In essence 'Chicago City Limits' is a very well produced compilation album. If you're a fan of slick, well-concocted production and nice emcees, purchase yourself a copy of this.

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