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written by Frank White    
The group Nappy Roots was formed at the Western University of Kentucky in 1995 by six members (Skinny Deville, B. Stille, Ron Clutch, Big V, R. Prophet and Milledgeville). Before signing to Atlanta they released an independent record in 1998 labeled "Country Fried Cess" which just wouldn't stay on the shelves. I haven't heard their first LP, but their new single has created quite a buzz. "Aww Naww" has a really catchy sound to it, and made itself a new home on all commercially ran rap charts. I'm actually quite amused by all of these new so called country MCs.

The first thing I have to hit on is that the CD contains nineteen tracks plus a bonus, which means that there is a lot of filler material. I found myself thinking of the dungeon family while listening to the Nappy Roots. It shows that that the group were heavily influenced by them, and rightfully so.

The interludes are kept to a minimum, and overall the complete package is quite refreshing. On the joint "Dime Quarter Nickel Penny" the artists call out all the bling-blingers. "Dime Quarter Nickel Penny / Won't you give a nigga dollars if you have so many." I found a few witty bars throughout the whole album surrounded with a great harmony brought by so many artists. I found "Blowin Trees" to be my favorite track because it's easily the smoothest one to go down. "Po Folks" and "My Ride" will also grow on any listener willing to give the Nappy Roots a chance.

Moving on the album isn't without its faults. As I mentioned before there are a lot of similarities to the Dungeon Family, and I do mean a lot. The filler material is especially annoying. "Ballin On A Budget", "Sholiz" and "Set It Out" are the prime examples of that.

Overall I admit that "Watermelon Chicken And Gritz" is a fairly solid mainstream debut from these country boys. Hopefully next time around the filler material is filtered out, and the Nappy Roots bring more consistency to the table.

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