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I'd hope that if you listen to music, you'd have some idea of who The Neptunes are and what they do in the music game. The group, made up of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams have been behind the boards of more then half of today's hit singles. They've done production for Jay-Z ("I Just Wanna Love You"), N'Sync ("Girlfriend"), Lil Bow Wow ("Take Ya Home"), Busta Rhymes ("Pass The Courvoussier") and a lot of other artists. Chad and Pharrell had MC Shay as a special vocal guest throughout the album, and actually dropped an album earlier that never came out in the United States. Chad, Pharrell, and Shay started over and brought us something completely different.

"In Search Of..." is in no way a hip hop album, it's R&B with some of the wildest production I have ever heard. The first track, "Lapdance", starts the album off right with some hard-hitting production, and the vocal trio comes correct. "Brain" sounds like a slower paced version of "Lapdance", where Chad asks "Do you even really love me?" "Things Are Getting Better" has an old school feeling in its production, and the vocals remind me of a new age Jackson Five. Deeper songs are, in my opinion, the best joints on this album. "Provider" starts with a slower guitar that turns into a deep song about being a provider, and the messages told throughout the verses make this track stand out even more. "Stay Together" also has a more credible message, and features some crazy organ pipes going back and forth ("You were the heart I owned, that beat just like a metronome"). NERD really goes all out with the production on tracks like "Tape You" and "Run To The Sun." On both of these songs, they do a fantastic job of switching the beat up between some mellow pace and adding some dope noises or effects into it. Their most spaced out track, "Am I High?" is so different that it's sickening. I mean that in a good way though.

It's hard to say this is an R&B album, because I like my R&B to be smooth and relaxing. "In Search Of..." has a mix of smooth joints and head banging songs like "Lapdance" and "Rock Star". The lyrics all over this album aren't anything too spectacular, except on songs like "Provider" and "Stay Together." But, the really strong point of this album is the production, which is what I would expect from The Neptunes. I thought that the production was a little too overwhelming on certain tracks, that it really made other songs (like "Baby Doll" and "Bobby James") less intriguing. This is a short album, but if your an R&B fan and enjoy tight production, this would be your an ideal.

Can we please get an instrumental album soon?!

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