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written by Frank White    
Old Dirty Bastard is back with a new album!!! Well, sort of. While on the run Dirty found time to sign with an independent label, and record a couple of verses. That seems to be the case since almost all of the tracks have guest appearances on them. Surprisingly none of the original Wu Tang members made any appearances. The five skits featured on "The trials and tribulations" really give an opportunity for the fans to hear the real "Russel Jones". I wont spoil them here, if you care to purchase the album.

Personally, I would have had replaced ICP with the Rugged Man to rock on the single. The label's marketing team probably voted that the addition of clowns would help them push a couple more units. It's understandable that a new label has to worry about record sales, especially at this time, but a remix could have fixed all of that.

"The trials and tribulations of Russel Jones" is haunted with uninspired hooks, and forced collaborations. "Dogged Out" featuring Too Short & Big Syke, and "I Wanna Fuck" featuring Royal Flush are simply awful. Dirty's verse off of "Anybody" featuring C Murder & E-40 sounds like it was recorded over the phone, or on a karaoke machine and the majority of the beats don't compliment the MCs. It's upsetting to see ODB barely featured on his own LP, and that's out of only 10 actual tracks.

With that said, I'll carry on to the strong point of the album. On "Here Comes The Judge" featuring Budda Monk, Russell Jones brings us into his courtroom. It's very entertaining; just don't expect to be enlightened. The day Old Dirty starts making sense is the day he'll loose me as a fan. Like RZA said back in the days "ODB will win any battle on style alone." The other high points of the LP are "Lintballz" featuring Sunz Of Man & Brooklyn Zoo, and "Reunited." The second entry is easily the winner here.

Overall, Old Dirty is in his best form...drunk, rambling, and making less sense then ever. I have to questions his creativity though, since I felt like I was listening to his older material at different points through out this LP. If it weren't for all the unwanted guests, I would have to highly recommend "The trials and tribulations of Russell Jones." We can all only hope that Russell Jones gets out of rehab soon and blesses us with a real long play. In the meantime, purchase a copy for a quick dose of our favorite insane MC - Old Dirty Bastard.

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