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written by Hugo Lunny    
OUTTHERE claims to be the "Freshest New Jeruz Resident," whether he's the freshest or not, I don't know. But the man definitely is fresh. His first full length was handled by him apart from a couple of guest performances. From the design packaging to the production to the rhyming to the promotion. Armando Diaz is responsible for it, and like Danja Mowf, there should be more artists who go about things in this manner, proving that they truly aren't in it solely for the dough. But, to come up with something they're proud of.

We're brought into the album by a Robert Deniro sample quoting the album's title. From then on, we're taken through various themes. OUTTHERE isn't the greatest emcee lyrically, but he has talent and definite mic presence thus enhancing his appeal.

There are a variety of theme's on the album, from rich South American flavours ('Habla Ingles'), to "thugged out tracks" ('The Main Event' - excellent posse cut) to tracks with depth ('Only In It For Da Doe,' 'Holdin' On'), this album has a nice contrast.

'Travalin' is probably my favourite track on the album, aside from 'The Main Event.' A nice John Wayne sample begins the track, and OUTTHERE's brilliant beat (featuring a slick sample) coupled with his rhymes - which improve as the song goes on, make a brilliant combination.

Few tracks on the album had me react negatively, 'When I Get It' unfortunately was one of them. The rhymes were far from original and the beat didn't draw any likeable reaction from me. 'El Boracho' was another joint which didn't push my buttons properly.

'What Does He Think He Is Doing?' is an album which proves that though we may not be secure with the moves OUTTHERE makes, he has a plan and knows. A nice album, definitely worth checking out.

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