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After waiting several years for a Skitzofreniks full-length, fans are getting exactly what they'd expect - 20 tracks of pure drunken madness. Charlie Bawles [aka CheckMark] and Eddie Bones have certainly worked the consistent Skitz image; if brews and broads are your thing, this album is your thing. What it might lack in variety of content, it makes up for in a showcase of solid production and skilled delivery.

Lyrically, I can't front, this album gets monotonous. Great, you're drunk, you're a better rapper, and you fucked my girl. We're over it already. Remixes of old tracks like "On My Own Shit" and "Job Huntin'" come out pretty nice, but the style doesn't change from old cuts to new ones. Although in terms of content it stays mostly the same, their lyrics are well written and their delivery is fundamentally sound. Both are good emcees, their punchlines couldn't be fresher, but it would be refreshing to see them branch out a bit in terms of their scope. Regardless, they give it up for the hometown over a smooth beat on "B.O.S.T.O.N." with Lucky Dice and REKS, and Check flips the story of stealing a lesbian's girlfriend on JJ Brown's jazzy remix of "Chasing Amy." Despite being, yet again, all about the love for liquor, "Brew Akbar" [featuring Louis Logic and XL of Kreators] is too good not to mention; the Brews Brothers come flawless on the mic every time.

The real beauty of the album is its production. Quite frankly, I tend to expect less of the Skitz from a musical stance, but I was definitely impressed on this one. Ed Bones is improving as producer, employing a variety of samples that carries the album from simply mediocre to pretty damn dope. Besides Jay-Z and Big Pun and Mr. Lif samples, EB's beats come off more melodic and complex than before. Simply put, with beats like these you can't go wrong.

Overall, the hip-hop world has received this album pretty well. Heads have waited a minute for a Skitz LP, and I don't think anyone has been too disappointed. Is it an underground classic? Probably not. But it's a solid album without a doubt. The only resonant question is where the Skitz go from here. Either way, "Enter the Realm" is a dope listen and worth your 15 bills.

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