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In today's era of countless mixtape's and compilations, it is hard to find a compilation that can truly deliver a memorable experience. Most compilations or mixtapes are just consumed with your average "exclusives" and "hot joints" of the moment that do nothing but fall in obscurity quickly after their release. However there are those DJ's who aren't concerned with the newest exclusives or having the biggest name on the streets, these DJ's are few and far between, but they do exist. Proof of this comes with one of the finest compilation albums to be released in quite some time entitled "The Soul Brother Compilation Pete Rock's Finest".

The Technicians made up of Tech One and Tech Two, dedicated a whole double disc album to one of Hip-Hop's greatest producers of all time, the one and only Pete Rock. With 45 of Pete Rock's finest material, production credits and guest appearances, "The Soul Brother Compilation" is one of the finest Pete Rock mix's ever assembled. With tons of P.R. material floating around, one would think it would be impossible to compress it all onto a double disc set. However, The Technicians dug into their crates and pulled it off perfectly, giving the listener a perfect mix between unreleased gems, guest appearances (on the mic and production wise), I.N.I. material and of course classic Pete Rock and CL Smooth tracks. However, unlike most mixtapes, The Technicians go to work on the tables, showcasing their turntabalism skills as well as Pete Rock's material. Their track selection, track placement and mixing are unparalleled as The Technicians make this double disc set one of the finest I can remember.

Most of "The Soul Brother Compilation" is a mix between hard to find remixes, unreleased joints, and guest appearances. The album does not feature a plethora of Pete Rock and CL Smooth joints, as it aims to showcase Pete Rock's production talents as its main course of action. A whole album could definitely be dedicated to Pete Rock and CL's own material, as The Technicians chose the right path and decided to keep the album varied on all levels. Of course we get the classic P.R. and CL joints such as "T.R.O.Y.", "Go With The Flow", "Straighten It Out", "Caramel City", "The Creator", as well as slept on hits such as "Back On The Block" and "Da Two". Also included are the classic I.N.I joints "Microphone Wunderlust", "Fakin' Jax", "How We Do It" and "Sucker Mc", which were extremely hard to come by before Pete decided to re-release the album this year.

Probably the best aspect of "The Soul Brother Compilation" is the hard to find/rare remixes included on the album. The Technicians definitely dug through their crates hard to come up with such joints as Mar J. Blige's "Family Affair Remix", Black Star's "Respiration Remix", Biggie's "Juicy Remix" and "Gangstarr's "Milita Remix". Also included are the Hip Hop classic "Shut 'Em Down Remix" by Public Enemy, "Can't Stop The Prophet Remix" by Jeru The Damaja, and "Jump Around Remix" by House Of Pain.

Along with the classic remixes, The Technicians do a superb job of choosing some of Pete's finest production work and guest appearances. Some of Pete's finest production throughout his legendary career can be seen on tracks such as Common's vicious Ice Cube diss "Bitch In You", Nas's timeless masterpiece of "The World Is Yours", Freddie Foxxx's "Who Knows Why" the god Rakim's "The Saga Begins", and one of my personal favorite joints of all time Run Dmc's "Down With The King". Other notable tracks featured on the album are "All I Know" by Rahzel, "Shut 'Em Down 2002" by Busta Rhymes, "If You Got Love" by Non Phixion, "The Yearn" by The Lost Boyz and "Sneakers" featuring Raekwon.

In today's society where legends are all but forgotten, it is great to see The Technicians put out an album dedicated to one of Hip-Hop greats. Pete Rock helped shape the Hip-Hop culture and the position of the producer. "Pete Rock's Finest" is anything but a compilation, it is more like a dedication to a man that has put his heart and soul into his music for over 10 years. And as The Technicians state, Pete Rock "you are a true musician, a legendary jazz artist re-incarnated with an SP-1200 instead of a horn". Whether you grew up on Pete Rock's music or are just coming up learning about the man, "The Soul Brother Compilation" is an album every Hip-Hop enthusiast should have in their collection. So what are you waiting for, go to and order your copy right now and get ready to experience Hip Hop at its finest and most purest form.

"I take seven ill drums, put 'em in a line, and add seven more snares to make it combine. It'll take seven more horns before I start my rhyme, now it's 21 beats made at the same time." Pete Rock

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