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Now I'm not going to lie to you all, and I don't want any of you to lie to me. You know you've encountered a point or two within your life (or are currently in it) where you have smoked weed, and you know exactly what the "THC" reference in this collection refers to! I mean, when you have a hip-hop collection off of High Times magazines new label (cleverly entitled "High Times Records"), you know that there is going to be innuendo throughout the tracklisting. THC offers a nice underground and somewhat mainstream line up of artists, including High & Mighty, Afu-Ra, Pharcyde, and a whole bunch of Duck Down people.

The first track, "Bart Burnt" by High & Mighty, sets the mood right with a funky ass beat. Potheads will find the lyrics pretty damn funny, "I smoked twice as much today, what do I need this stupid little brain for anyways?" It was nice hearing some unique tracks from Duck Down, with Black Moon and Sean Price ripping "High Times." This is one of those laidback; smoke a blunt to this type songs, with lyrical delivery on point throughout. "Something About Mary" by Serial Rhyme Killers, is an excitable track but the production and lyrics aren't really that spectacular as a whole. One of the album's gems, "Sweet Dreams" by the group Intoxicated Demons (Beatnuts with Al'Tariq), has a perfect hook ("Sweet dreams are made of trees!") and may feature the best beat on the collection. Not to mention the lyrics are intriguing and flow well with everything. "Roll Up" sounds like a crisp old school piano joint, that Steele and Shabaam Sahdeeq bless perfectly. Even RZA presents some thoughts about weed on the song "So High (G-13)", that is supported by really trippy production.

Some of the songs on this collection fall victim to production that is too slow, or bad hooks. "Bomb Tree" by Defari falls short to production that isn't that ill to begin with and just becomes really repetitive. Although "Big Green Buds" has some nice lyricists on it, the hook was terrible and the beat is easily outshined by other tracks. "My Favorite Ladies" is probably my least favorite track, the beat is too simple for this collection and I wasn't feeling MF Doom's delivery. It seemed like some artists couldn't do a song specifically about a topic as well as other artists seemed to on this collection.

Overall, there are enough hot tracks to definitely purchase this album. Even the few bad tracks aren't "horrible". Every song on this collection is pretty much about smoking weed in some form, so if you're against that and don't find getting high interesting then the odds are you won't feel this collection. For those that do like getting high, well... the beats are strange enough to make you say "Wow", and if you aren't too messed up to actually listen to the lyrics, most songs will leave you impressed.

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