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written by Hugo Lunny    
Knowing that it's hard to get any shine at all in this world (one filled with a huge amount of new songs and albums emerging every day), you'd assume that underground groups couldn't get exposure with ease. Yesh (formerly Yeshua Da'PoED) seemed to disprove this through the Internet, mixtapes, and simply "doing his thing." The first time I heard a WBF track was from a friend a couple of years ago, hooking up my former website with an audio exclusive. From then on I began to check for their releases.

The album 'Brighton Beach Memoirs' features a variety of well-created tracks. From the opening 'Whatcha Need' Ken Boogaloo and Yesh rhyme perfectly above the suave beat DJ Bless (and Yesh) created. The scratched up hook provides the perfect bridge for the group to continue to move forth. Through to well told stories like 'This Kid' - where the two emcees talk about an emcee who goes from nothing to "something" and doesn't do too well through the process. Both it and 'Chedda Chasers' are well done, however, the subject matter is less than original. However, the quality behind the overall track production (beats, rhymes and hooks) manages to allow you to overlook the unoriginality within the subjects. 'The Main Attraction' is another example of how WBF continually serve up fresh material on their debut. The relaxed beat is put to good use, and as a previously released 12", served as a nice album purchasing incentive. 'Turn It Out' also manages to create some intense listening pulling power as Yesh's oriental feeling beat sits perfectly under the WBF.

The vibe on the album evokes a classic underground feel. The heavy bass intertwined with the rhyme-scheme (simple at times yet very effective) manages to make attract you to replay the material. Even the interludes have flair. Especially the short, but oh so sweet; 'Don't You Cry' interlude, which features some lovely singing with a cool saxaphone in the background.

There were few tracks on the album, which I didn't enjoy. 'It's Only Right' was one of them. The hook also wasn't captivating at all and the Bless production here didn't seem as appealing as it does on other tracks. I also wasn't really sold on 'PimpFloMein' - the fast paced beat, and, to compensate for it, fast paced rhyming, definitely doesn't suit Yesh and Ken as well as the slightly slower, more together production does. The pace changes during the song, but it becomes considerably slower than their usual style. Unfortunately, yet again, it doesn't suit them. What does...is their normal pace. The pace continues to switch throughout the track unfortunately.

Although it has a couple of less than brilliant songs, 'Brighton Beach Memoirs' is a very funky album, with interesting production and laidback, well executed rhymes. Definitely worth lending an ear to.

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