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Yesh, formally known as Yeshua Da Poed, has quietly gained himself a small underground backing over the years due to his superior lyricism, melodic flow and solid guest appearances. While most will not be familiar with Yesh, the NYC native isn't new to the Hip-Hop scene, and has been in the game for quite some time now. With the first edition in Ill Boogie Records Earplug series, Yesh' "Into Fresh Things" is a 9 track EP that showcases his lyrical talent, but unfortunately falls short of expectations.

Those who are familiar with Yeah already know he is a superb lyricist who packs a smooth, almost lethargic flow, which is definitely his main characteristic. However, as the past has proven, it takes more than a great lyricist to put together a great album, and "Into Fresh Things" definitely falls into this category.

The main problem with "Into Fresh Things" is it simply doesn't capitalize on Yesh's lyrical ability. Each of the 7 tracks on the album can hold its own lyrically, but they fall flat on every other aspect imaginable. Simply, you'll be hard pressed to find an album more boring than this. Yesh's flow already makes for a slowed down pace, but the production on the album makes it even worse. The production, which is mostly handled my Yesh himself, is very generic, and simply boring. Tracks like "Apt209", "On2Dbeat", "U Don't Really?" & "Most Days" offer nothing new or innovative, and will do nothing but simply put you to sleep. In order to capitalize on Yesh's lyrical ability, better production is a must. His flow is so laid back that combining it with similar production is deadly. Charisma is also a key factor that lacks in Yesh's arsenal. Most of the tracks lack any emotion or sense of feeling that is a necessity in order for the listen to grasp onto what you are saying and become attached to your character. After listening to "Into Fresh Things" you have an empty feeling of not knowing who Yesh is as a person or an emcee.

However, we do get a glimpse of vintage Yesh material, even though it's only for three tracks. "Shout" is a nicely produced track, which features a brilliant vocal sample thrown in for the hook. "Victim" is a sure fire banger, which features rugged lyricism over a nasty self-produced track. The true gem of "Into Fresh Things" is "Hustlers", which showcases Yesh's storytelling ability, which is definitely memorable.

One can't help but feel disappointed after listening to "Into Fresh Things". There is no questioning Yesh's talent; however, Yesh has to find his knack for utilizing that talent into making good songs. In order for Yesh to achieve his full potential, he needs to get some production that is going to help his lyricism standout, not fall into the backdrop. "Into Fresh Things" is proof that Yesh has the talent needed to get ahead in this game, but still needs to refine and sharpen his production and song making abilities in order to truly make it in this game.

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