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The Hip-Hop world is filled with such an overload of emcees sometimes it's hard to distinguish one from another. It seems everything is manufactured so a profit can be turned out. Everything from the artist's lyricism, production, to his or her image is created. However, one aspect that cannot be manufactured is originality. An artist that can bring something new and innovative to the game is not an everyday occurrence. Producer/Emcee J-Zone and his Old Maid Billionaire crew are prime examples of this.

J-Zone made a name for himself with his debut release "Music For Tu Madre". The album quickly gained an underground following due to J-Zone's humorous lyricism and original production. J-Zone's follow up release "A Bottle Of Whup Ass" is more of the same we would expect, hilarious tales of women, life and the everyday struggles.

The beauty of this album is its ability to be entertaining, but not serious at the same time. Just from listening to a couple of tracks you can tell J-Zone is not you're average emcee/producer on the mic. Tracks such as "The Zone Mission Part VIII" and "No Consequences" are prime examples of this. "Zone Mission Part VIII" is a beautifully self-produced track that uses various SoundBits from movie quotes and other hip-hop artists. Production isn't the only aspect where J-Zone tends to be different. As he proclaims on Zone Mission, J-Zone doesn't do hooks "so stop asking".

On "No Consequences", J-Zone is informed that there will be no law enforcement officials on duty for that day. With his partner in crime Huggy Bear, the two take full advantage of their opportunity. J-Zone goes out and extracts revenge on anybody and everybody who has ever done him wrong, from his ex girlfriend to his first grade teacher. "190" features Old Maid Billionaire member Al Shid, as he spits his tale of problems with Alcohol abuse. " I can't hold a 9 to 5, but I can hold some bacardi light". Due to his liquor problem, Shid never ends up remember what happened the night before, which can only lead to trouble.

"The Smurf Syndrome" features J-Zone spitting about his favorite topic, women. The track finds J-Zone on a mission to get "some skins" and "bust a 6 month cherry". Unfortunately, J-Zone doesn't have the best of luck and ends up giving into his infamous Lucy Liu tape instead of the women he was looking for. "Another Lucy Liu night, horny on the way down. Ready to bust a nut and release it like a trey pound, but I got so horny the zone never made it. Froze the elevator mid floor and master..". It's hilarious lyricism like this that makes J-Zone one of the most unique emcees in the game.

"Orphan Babies" is a comical tale of J-Zones troubled life, which he dedicates to "all the herbs and social screw ups". Huggy Bear drops by and adds his stellar performance, keeping the listener laughing for days. " I'm a failed suicide attempt. And I'm mad skinny, my nipples out weigh the entire rest of my whole body". Huggy Bear also shows that he can hold down a track of his own with the J-Zone produced "Holy Water". The track's head-nodding beat mesmerizes while Huggy spits his view of religion on the mic. With Zone's samples scattered throughout the track, it never fails to keep your attention, and always has you waiting to hear what is next. Even when J-Zone isn't no the Mic, his rock solid production holds the track down. "Calamine Lotion Part 2" is a perfect example of this. Zone cuts up the track with precision while inserting numerous SoundBits and one liners throughout the track. The track is truly a showcase of J-Zones talent. The overall production on "A Bottle Of Whup Ass" is flawless. From the beats to the choices of samples, it is pure genius.

"A Bottle of Whup Ass" is a showcase of what a hip-hop album should be about, having fun. Nothing about the album is monumental or is going to change the face of hip-hop as we know it, but that's not what it is intended to be. Every hip hp enthusiasts should have this album in their collection. From beginning to end "A Bottle Of Whup Ass" is one of the most original and entertaining albums to be released in a long time.

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