God Loves Ugly
Review by A. Lunny

"I like Slug, you know. 'Overcast!' was a dope album, he was really cool on there, and the EP of the..."


Skilligans Island
Review by NewJeruPoet

"Thirstin Howl III is one of the hungriest emcees to ever spit on the mic. For years, he has been putting..."

The Eminem Show
Review by Hugo Lunny

""I used to like Eminem, until I got 'The Real Slim Shady' rammed down my throat, played to death..."


The True Meaning
Review by AJ

"To be honest, I never really knew what to make of Cormega. I remembered the line from Nas' "One..."


All Of The Above
Review by Low Key

"Every so often there is a unique artist who comes along and changes the way we look at his or her..."

Happy F*ck You Songs
Review by Hugo Lunny

"Titling E-F@mm's EP "Happy F*ck You Songs," describes the content excellently. As expressed..."


Midnight Marauders - A Tribe Called Quest
"After releasing two back to back classic albums in the span of only two short years, many wondered what would be in store for A Tribe Called Quests future. Was there any room for..."

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