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written by Low Key    
Leave it up to the geniuses at Death Row Records to continue finding new ways to tarnish the legacy of 2pac even years after his death. With no new material coming out of the company they are forced to come up with even more extreme ways to release 2pac material just so they can make some money. This years disgrace to 2pac comes in the form of a remix album entitled the “Nu Mixx Klazzics”, where Death Row’s production team, Tha Row Hitters, try and remake 2pac’s classic material off of “All Eyez On Me” & “Makaveli”.

The production team tries to remake such 2pac classics as “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted”, “Hail Mary”, “How Do You Want It” & “Hit Em Up”, among others, but only managed to destroy the work 2pac originally made. All of the emotion and intensity 2pac released through each monumental track has now been replaced with soft, repetitive production that mirrors nothing of the original. The production is constantly off key, leaving the vocals badly mixed. And to make matters worse, each track sounds almost exactly the same with no variety. It would be very hard for anyone to go out and ruin such masterpieces as “Hail Mary”, “Ambitionz Az A Ridah” & “Life Goes On”, but the folks at Death Row have somehow managed to do that.

It’s sad to see an artist get rapped the way 2pac has after his death. Death Row has shown nothing but disrespect by forcing out material that does nothing but disgrace the name Tupac Shakur. In no way shape or form should any 2pac fan even think of picking up the “Nu Mixx Klazzics”. After witnessing an atrocious album like this 2pac must be rolling in his grave. Let the man rest in peace and leave his music they way it was intended to be.

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