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Almost a year after his debut release “Movies For The Blind”, the sick and twisted emcee everybody loves to hate is back with his sophomore release “Weatherproof”. While not a full-length album, the “Weatherproof” EP features more of the same over the top lyricism and dark, demented imagery from the E.C. emcee. This nine-track album definitely follows in the usual Cage mold with sinister hard-core production from a variety of the underground’s finest producers.

As always, DJ Mighty Mi lends his talents on the majority of tracks, continuing his streak of solid production. “Summer In Hell” is one of the album’s strongest cuts, as Cage produces his usual crazed tales of death and destruction. Mi’s production is also of the usual formula, dark, mysterious and powerful. However, “Fresh Out The Morgue” features a different Mighty Mi vibe, as the production is solid but not as hard-core as previous efforts for Cage.

The remaining tracks are handled by a variety of other talents, such as Reef, RJD2, J-Zone, Emz, Sebb & fellow Nighthawk Camu Tao. The collaboration between New Jeru’s Tame One & Cage on “Leak Bros” continues the duo's history of great chemistry. Like Mighty Mi’s production, Reef laces the two with the perfect dreary environment to work off of. Tame puts forth a memorable appearance with his drug influenced verse. “I dip my cigarettes in the most wicked of liquids, that have me blacking out like six solar eclipses”.

The two finest production efforts come from Camu Tao & RJD2 on each of their respective works for Cage. “Come To Daddy” which also features Camu Tao, reunites the Nighthawks for an even better track than those featured on the lukewarm album. Camu Tao’s mesmerizing production is definitely one of the album's highlight. Not to be outdone though is RJD2 on “Weather People”, who gives Cage a different vibe to work off of but ends up as being one of the better Cage tracks in recent memory. As always, RJ’s smooth yet rugged production continues to dominate the underground scene.

While the majority of “Weatherproof” is consistent as can be, some efforts end up as sub par due to less than stellar production and unnecessary remixes. Most remember Cage’s “Too Much” from “Movies For The Blind”, and if you don’t you will definitely recognize Cage’s twisted yet humorous opening lines. “Blue collar to corporate, bless the unfortunate. Like when I put my foot down that bitch still aborted it. Stuff the canister under my jacket like the lucky one. Uh sir you can’t leave with that! Bitch this is my fucking son!” This time around however, J-Zone provides the remix, which is solid but just doesn’t capture the intensity and emotion of the original. While Zone’s production, like always, is solid, the track just doesn't feel right.

“Haterama” is the widely known diss track against Cage’s newfound enemies 7L & Esoteric; however, this new version has been remixed from the original jacking for beats session, now with a more hard-core feel. However, like the “Too Much Remix”, the new version doesn’t do much to make it standout. The final remaining cut “Underground Rap Star”, produced by Emz, is your typical Cage effort, but lacks that special something to make it standout. The production is average, but not on the level of the others featured on the album.

The “Weatherproof” EP is a solid album that will do more than satisfy Cage fans and hold them off until his next venture. While not as memorable as “Movies For The Blind”, the album features a variety of nice songs such as “Weather People”, “Summer In Hell” & “Leak Bros”. Cage still possess a unique style that many will either love or hate, but what Cage has done is prove he can make good albums and not just memorable appearances. Cage is slowly building a nice underground catalogue the past two years. And even though his style will never suite every listener, those that can appreciate it will be pleased at Cage’s growth over the past couple of years.

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