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written by Low Key    
In Hip Hop there is a vast amount of variety to choose from, as emcees come from all walks of life nowadays. Some artists are lyrical poets, some are street representatives and others are just entertainers that try and bring a little lighthearted fun to the game. Mighty Casey is one of these entertainers who doesn’t rely on fancy wordplay or outstanding conceptual matter. Instead he focuses on having a good time and basically portraying the life in which he leads. His rhymes include everything from pimped out playa tales to just plain getting fucked up on the weekends. Emcee’s like Mighty Casey are always a breath of fresh air in today’s over bearing thug out industry. However, while Mighty Casey’s style maybe a welcomed edition to the Hip Hop game, it takes a special emcee to be able to pull of such feats for a whole album and keep it entertaining at the same time.

With “The Original Rudebwoy EP” Mighty Casey tries to pull of a fun filled album that will keep you entertained, however, the end results to not manage to portray this. While many of the tracks on the EP are solid attempts at humor, many of them lack that special vibe that makes the listener attach to what the emcee is saying. Artists like J-Zone are most notable known for the style that Mighty Casey presents, however, unlike J-Zone, Might Casey doesn’t posses the charisma, lyrical talent or ability to be entertaining and fresh for a whole album. While many of the songs on the album such as “White Girls” & “Black Rapping School” are quirky, humorous tracks that will generate some laughs, they are unfortunately songs that fail to keep your attention for more than a couple of listens. The lead single “White Girls” tries to recreate Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s classic “White Lines” into a 2003 version of pimping out white woman, however, the novelty wears off quickly before it even starts. There is really no material on “The Original Rudebwoy EP” that possesses any replay value. Most of the material is funny on first listen but turns to old and redundant real quick.

The other major aspect of “The Original Rudebwoy” that ends up disappointing is the production area. The nine track EP is entirely produced by The Jesusfreaks (Mighty Casey & DJ Laye), but the production lacks that hard-hitting edge needed. Most of the production is bland and redundant, making many of the efforts on the album seem very similar. Casey needs to gather production that is going to bring out the essence and emotion of his songs, not beats that are going to drown the listener in a boring repetitive pattern of old school influenced beats. Proof of this comes from efforts such as “Liquorland Pt. 1 & 2”, “Saturday Night” & “One Night Stand”, which are more pimped out tales of womanizing and partying.

Only a couple of efforts on Mighty Casey’s “The Original Rudebwoy” end up really showcasing the man's talent. “Rap Spectacular”, “Makin’ Sure” & “Original Rudebwoy” all end up as very good efforts due to solid production and consistent lyricism. “Makin Sure” is the album’s true gem, as Casey shows he can indeed spit lyrical talent and not just gimmicky pimp odes.

Mighty Casey is an emcee with a unique ability to be humorous and playful with his art. However, he has to translate this ability into making great songs. With better production and more focus Mighty Casey could very well be on his way to gaining some buzz within the underground community in the future. For more information www.mightycasey.com.

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